Start Your Trip on the Right Track: 8 Long Road Trip Tips

Written By Alla Levin
September 07, 2020

Start Your Trip on the Right Track: 8 Long Road Trip Tips

Maybe you’re going on vacation? Perhaps you’re going to visit your friend? Whatever the case, you’re going on a long road trip. Unfortunately, however, you’ve never done this before. As such, you’re looking for a few tips. Fortunately, we can provide you with those tips. Without further ado, here are eight long road trip tips.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Driving long distances can take a lot out of a person. Not only can it be exceedingly dull but it can also be physically and mentally exhausting. For this reason, you’re advised to get ample sleep in the nights leading up to your departure.

Driving long distances on little sleep is extremely dangerous and can deeply affect your life and others. You should get at least 7 hours of sleep every night for a week before leaving. This will help regulate your mind and body, putting you in a prime position to handle the distance ahead.

Pack Snacks Long Road Trip Tips

As was noted above, long road trips can be pretty dull. If you don’t break up the monotony occasionally, you’re bound to go crazy. There are a few different ways to do this, but one method is to eat a snack. For this reason, you need to have plenty of snacks packed in your vehicle.

Keep these snacks within arm’s reach, and don’t be afraid to indulge (this is no time to worry about your diet). Whether it’s a bag of potato chips, an apple, or a pickle, it will provide you with a shot of energy and will help push you along. Plus, it will keep your mind active, something that’s exceedingly important when you’re operating a 2-ton slab of steel moving at 70 miles per hour.

Remember Water

Not only do you need to eat during your trip, but you also need to keep yourself hydrated. As such, you need to remember to bring plenty of water. If you’re driving alone, keep a cooler in your passenger seat. This way, you can grab a bottle any time you feel parched. Note driving may not seem like physical activity, but it is. You’ll get dehydrated faster than if you were just sitting in a chair. So, make sure to account for that when you’re stocking up.

Take Breaks!

Another one of our many long-distance road trip tips is to take breaks. Yes, you’re going to be on the road for hours and want to get there as soon as possible. But if you push yourself too hard, something tragic could happen.

Breaks are important, as they allow you to relax both your mind and your body. This reduces the risk of zoning out and also keeps cramps and Charlie horses to a minimum. Plus, it just feels good to ease the tension for a bit.

There should be plenty of exits, and rest stops to take advantage of. Stop for 10 minutes, stretch, use the restroom, grab a bite to eat, and be on your way. You won’t lose much time in the grand scheme of things.

Prepare Something to Listen to

Perhaps the best way to curb boredom during a road trip is to listen to something as you drive. This could be anything from music to the news to a podcast to one of those weird, early-morning alien shows. Anything that can keep you stimulated is good enough to get the job done.

Ideally, you’ll prepare your audio entertainment before you take off. After all, you don’t want to have to shuffle around and take your eyes off the road while you’re moving at 75 miles per hour. Curate a playlist so that you can easily access different files. The less typing you have to do, the safer you’ll be.

Have Your Vehicle InspectedHave Your Vehicle Inspected

The last thing you want to happen during your road trip is to have your vehicle break down on the side of the road. Not only will this ruin your trip, but it will also put you in a scary and unsafe situation. For this reason, before you embark, you need to have your vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic. Ensure that everything is operating as intended and that all necessary repairs have been made. Not only will this reduce the risk of a breakdown, but it will also provide you with peace of mind.

Keep Your Alcohol Packed Away

Maybe you’re bringing along a bit of alcohol? If so, you’re advised to pack it away as snugly and securely as possible. You don’t want to have to purchase car insurance for DUI offenders, after all. Now, most states allow you to transport closed bottles or cans.

Note, though, that if a bottle has been opened already, certain states might deem it illegal for automotive transportation. Play it safe by hiding it away.

Drive the Speed Limite car insurance for DUI offenders,

When people go on long road trips, they tend to want to drive far above the speed limit. The typical mindset is that, by driving 5 to 10 miles per hour faster, they’ll shave substantial amounts of time off of the trip. However, in reality, the difference in time ends up being minuscule, maybe around 30 minutes of difference over the entirety of the trip. And if you’re not careful, you could get busted for speeding.

This would slow you down anyway, not to mention cost you hundreds of dollars in fines. Our advice is to take it easy and drive the speed limit. Showing up 30 minutes later than you would have will not ruin your trip.

Use These Long Road Trip Tips to Your Advantage

Long road trips can be arduous. As such, you’ve got to strategize. Take advantage of these long road trip tips, and you’ll surely have a good experience. Are you seeking out other such information? You can find it here on our website. Check out our other blog posts now!

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