Questions to Ask Before Going for a Lasik Eye Surgery

Written By Alla Levin
December 09, 2020

Questions to Ask Before Going for a Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis. This surgery is performed to correct the vision. If you have myopia or short-sightedness, you can go for San Diego lasik institute eye surgery to improve your vision.

You can book your appointment with a reliable clinic like and get the procedure done safely by the specialists.  However, certain questions might bother you before the treatment aside from lasik eye surgery cost. Here’s what you should ask your ophthalmologist to clear your doubts and feel confident.

Will Any Health Condition Rule Out the Procedure?

Before a LASIK surgery, a good ophthalmologist will ask you about your health conditions. Before conducting the surgery, they will also perform some evaluation tests. If you’ve had any eye injuries or surgeries, or you have any eye conditions like dry eye, uveitis, or any eye inflammations, they might ask you to drop the idea.

Your doctor may be able to give you the best insights into the risks associated with the procedure, and you should take their advice. In some instances, like diabetes or any other autoimmune disease, your eye doctor may not be advisable the procedure.

Are There Any Associated Risks?LASIK surgery

LASIK surgeries are performed with high success rates, and no major risks are associated with the procedure. Some patients might feel discomfort or sensitivity after the process, but that is normal.

Generally, dry eye syndrome is an after-effect of a LASIK surgery where the doctor would recommend lubricating your eyes with the prescribed eye drops. The patients should adhere to all the post-operative instructions as the doctor advises. And you should also make the required visits immediately if you experience any problems.

How Long Does It Take for Recovery?

LASIK eye treatments generally have a quick recovery rate. There are no bandages required. However, following the post-operative instructions for a speedy recovery is essential. Generally, your vision might seem a little blurry initially but will eventually improve in a few days. The recovery also depends on the age factor, as younger patients; experience a quicker recovery than older people.

What Will Be the Results?

The answer to this question will depend on the level of your myopia. Your doctor will perform certain evaluation tests before the surgery and duly determine your myopia level. The level of refractive error will determine the results achieved after the surgery. Moderate or low-level conditions will not respond well to the LASIK. The doctor may suggest contact lens implants as an alternative treatment in this case.

How Long Will The Results Last?

The aging process is a big factor that might lead to the deterioration of the vision. While most people can still benefit from 20/25 vision for around 10 years post-surgery, a LASIK surgery won’t benefit you for a lifetime. If you are anxious or have any doubts about your LASIK surgery, you should definitely choose a professional and accordingly have your doubts cleared before the surgery.

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