The Best Ways To Get Fit In 2023

Written By Alla Levin
July 31, 2023

Over the years, our understanding of what it means to be physically fit has changed. Our society used to pursue and worship certain body types. While you’ll certainly still see an abundance of those body types in the media (and there has been something of a pushback on the “body positivity” movement as well), some popular figures are advocating for body positivity and high fitness levels rather than chasing a body appearance many of us can’t achieve.

With that in mind, then, the meaning of “fitness” isn’t what it used to be, but there are still several universal concepts that we can apply to a fitness regime to help ourselves feel healthier. Here are some of the best ways to get fit and enjoy a healthier lifestyle in 2023.

Ways To Get Fit: Follow a Sport

Believe it or not, following a sport can be a great way to get yourself fit. Using sites like, you can keep up with all the latest and most excellent sports news, checking out what your favorite athletes are up to and following their careers.

You can then use their fitness regimens as inspiration (although not necessarily as a strict blueprint) for your fitness initiatives, using their achievement of peak physical condition as a way to keep yourself motivated.

Take it easy

Many people’s fitness attempts fail because they push themselves too hard. That’s why we’re not saying you should try to emulate your favorite athlete’s fitness regimen verbatim; rather, you should use them as a point of inspiration and implement a regimen that works for you. Take it easy at first, especially if you haven’t done any exercise in a while; start off with a brisk walk or a short run and build up your endurance and confidence from there.

Grab a partnerWays To Get Fit

Working out alongside another person is often a great way to get fit because you’ve got someone who will keep you on the straight and narrow when you feel like deviating from the course. Ask around your friends and family to see if anybody else is looking to build their fitness, and see if you can devise a program that will accommodate both of your needs. You’d be amazed at how much more motivated you’ll feel when you have someone beside you to share in your endeavors.

Change up your diet

While exercising is essential for building fitness, diet is a far more crucial factor in whether or not you manage to shed that excess body fat. If you aren’t eating right, then it doesn’t matter how punishing or grueling your exercise regime happens to be; the nutrients going into your body won’t translate into gains (or losses), and you’ll find yourself back at square one, severely unmotivated and unhappy with your progress. Make sure you’re eating a balanced diet.

Allow yourself a cheat day here and there

There’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself a cheat day while trying to get fit. Implementing a cheat day can give you something to look forward to and stop you from feeling like your new routine is taking over your life. Of course, you shouldn’t overdo it on your cheat day; it’s not an invitation to make up for lost time and consume all the calories you’ve missed out on previously. However, going out for a meal or treating yourself to something sweet is a great idea.

Try some home workouts

Don’t feel up to joining a gym? No problem. There are many effective and easily-accessible home workouts out there, and you can choose from anyone to help you get fit. Whether you’re firing up a YouTube video or going old-school and buying an exercise DVD (or even just grabbing some gym equipment and working through a course on your treadmill or your exercise bike), staying at home means you’ll dodge any social embarrassment you might feel at the gym.

Join a fitness classJoin a fitness class

If you’re a more outgoing type, then a fitness class can fill the role of a friend or partner working out with you quite handily. A lesson isn’t just a great way to hold yourself to account by committing to a weekly schedule; it’s also a good way to combine socializing with working out and to make sure you’re having fun into the bargain. Working out is always going to feel like an effort, but if you’re surrounded by people you like who are also doing the same thing, it’ll feel that much more surmountable.

Add extra moves at home or at work

If you don’t have the time to build a bespoke exercise routine, then you may wish to consider upping your level of activity at home or at work. When you’re working from home, for instance, try taking 10 to 15-minute breaks every hour or so in order to take a brisk walk outside. Even walking around your house for this period can have tangible benefits, so there’s almost always a way to incorporate more exercise into your daily life.

Mix up resistance and cardio

If you’re looking to shed pounds, you may think that cardio is the only exercise you need to do. However, doing a mixture of resistance training – that is, weightlifting or resistance machines at the gym – and cardio is good. This way, you’ll strengthen your muscles and improve your heart health, so you’ll build your overall fitness level rather than focusing on one area.

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