Tips to Prepare for Online Teaching During Lockdown

Written By Alla Levin
December 09, 2020
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Tips to Prepare for Online Teaching During Lockdown

The pandemic has changed our lives completely. Working from and learning from home is the new norm, and working professionals are adopting this new norm. One of the significant hurdles this pandemic has given is to teachers. The environment of teaching has completely changed.

Every school and university made teachers and students teach and learn from home. Teachers should be mentally prepared for this online teaching situation. During the CTET exam, teachers test their communication skills to know if they can adapt to the online teaching method.

Therefore, if you are taking up the Bihar CTET exam, then you will also need to be prepared to present yourself for the online teaching skills. Let us check some of the tips on how to prepare for the teaching session:

Cut down the time

Since online teaching is different from classroom teaching, you need to keep your videos short and to the point. When students are in the classroom, they give undivided attention to teachers, but online the situation is different. There is a high chance of students being diverted. Therefore, the best is to create a short video, which can keep the attention high.

Be acquainted with online tools

Many connecting tools allow users to connect and interact. Tools like Zoom, Skype, and Google Duo have made the interaction handy. Moreover, e-learning companies offer a complete resource and online teaching route for both students and teachers. During the pandemic, these e-learning resources and tools made learning comfortable than before. However, teachers who are not tech geek need to learn or practice to use it. There are videos on how to use these tools for teaching purposes. Do a practice session before you take up the actual teaching hours.

Understand the Structure

The structure of online teaching is quite different from real teaching. You may have to prepare the syllabus online and upload the same on the platform. Moreover, the online teaching timing would be either long or short, depending on the subjects you teach. It is essential to communicate with students, tell them what they will learn today, and hook their attention with the content you provide. There are three crucial things to keep in mind- check, understand, and know which the student needs to follow for a better learning process.

Maintain a good relationship

Whether you are taking lectures in the morning, afternoon, or evening, it is vital to check how they are doing personally. For many students, this lockdown can be frustrating as they are away from friends and usual activities. This can create problems in their concentration on online coaching. Secondly, do discuss their learning if they are finding any difficulty in learning.

Online Teaching: Setting up the task sheetOnline Teaching

Before you start your online lecture, it is best to set up a task sheet for lessons to be taught. Share the task sheet with students to have a good idea of what you will teach them. This will also help in keeping the teaching process handy. Online teaching may not be a cup of tea for many, especially those who have been teaching in the traditional format and carry limited knowledge of the same. Moreover, many teachers are not financially good enough to buy a laptop or PC. Although there are some limitations, online teaching is the new norm, and teachers need to be prepared.

Teachers now, when joining any school or university, are trained for online teaching. The best part of online teaching in a government institute is getting fair pay and the other added benefits.

You may get low pay in the initial stage, but your salary will have a raise as per the 7th pay commission as the experience increases. So if you are keen to join as a teacher and make it your profession, then make sure to be ready for the online teaching challenge.

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