Volleyball Equipment: What to Get to Play Sports

Written By Alla Levin
January 05, 2021
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Volleyball Equipment: What to Get to Play Sports

For professional and amateur volleyball, it is necessary to purchase some equipment and inventory. It applies to the game, both indoors and outdoors. You will need not only a ball and a net for both teams but also knee pads, court footwear, or sand volleyball shoes for you personally. In this article, we’ll go into detail about each of the gear you need. 

Equipment for a Court

First of all, you need to equip your sports field.


Volleyball is a sport that simply cannot be played without a net. To pull it up, you need two posts. They are made of a wide variety of materials such as steel or aluminum. Besides, they differ in design and can be free-standing, floor, or wall-mounted. An optional but useful accessory is safety pads made of soft foam. They protect athletes from accidental strikes against the stands.


The main attribute of volleyball is a net. You should not save on it since a high-quality and durable product will last you longer. It will withstand numerous hits from athletes, and in the case of beach sports, direct sunlight and possible contact with water. The height of a net attachment is determined according to the age and gender of the players. Usually, the mesh is stretched higher for men than for women and, of course, kids.


A volleyball match cannot take place without a ball. If you can save on the ball’s quality for an amateur game on a beach, for professional competition and regular training, it is best to buy an accessory of quality materials. It should be noted that volleyballs can be of different diameters. It depends on which ball you purchase: classic, junior, or beach.

For indoor activities, it is better to buy products made of genuine leather, while for a beach, you should choose options from synthetic materials (rubber, nylon, artificial leather).

Other accessories

Depending on whether you equip a court for a professional game or an amateur, the required equipment list may vary. In addition to the above, you may need a referee stand, ball pump, court lines, benches for athletes, and antennas.

Volleyball Equipment: Equipment for an AthleteVolleyball Equipment

Once your court is ready for the game, it’s time to find the right equipment for you.


Choosing the right footwear mostly depends on your personal preference, but there are several requirements for volleyball shoes. They should be lightweight so as not to drag you down during jumps, well-cushioned to reduce the stress on your joints, and have excellent traction and efficient ventilation. As an alternative to volleyball shoes, you can buy basketball trainers. They also provide the right level of protection and support for the feet. If you play on a beach, you can run barefoot or purchase special sand socks. 

There are custom volleyball socks, basketball socks, soccer socks & softball socks that you can now buy online from reputed US manufacturers like madsportsstuff.com, which brings to you a whole new range of custom sports socks for men & women in different team color combinations.

Knee pads

These accessories are optional and not required for everyone to use. Not every amateur athlete knows how to fall correctly during a strike so as not to be injured. However, knee pads do protect your joints from injuries during falls.

Look for products made of stretchy and breathable materials that wick away sweat, such as nylon. Cushioning inserts can be made of foam, gel, or a combination of both. Pads should fit snugly to your leg but not squeeze muscles and blood vessels. However, they should not hang freely on the leg; otherwise, there is a chance that they will fall during the game.

Ankle or knee braces

Braces are a preventative measure against sprains. If you previously had injuries to your knees or ankles, you should definitely use them. It is a known fact that braces can reduce the chances of re-injury by 40%. They come in several types and can be made of a wide variety of elastic materials, but their main purpose comes down to providing additional support to your joints.


Almost any sport requires a certain type of clothing. Most often, athletes play volleyball in shorts and T-shirts. Typically, female models are more tight-fitting than male ones. For a beach game, some players prefer to wear long-sleeved outerwear to protect themselves from the sun.

Now you can find clothes made of both natural materials and synthetics on the market. While natural fabrics seem to be better, they are not when it comes to sports. They quickly get wet, hinder movement, and dry for a long time. Synthetics have much higher breathability, wick away sweat well, and dry quickly.

Volleyball Equipment: Other AccessoriesVolleyball Equipment Other Accessories

In addition to proper clothing, shoes, and knee protection, you will need a water bottle, a towel to wipe off sweat, wristbands, and, of course, socks. Athletes often wear two pairs of socks to minimize friction, but some prefer recycled plastic socks to keep their feet clean and smell good over the long term. Also, if you play volleyball outdoors, do not forget about sun protection. You should use a cap, sunscreen, and sports glasses, which will protect you from glare from the water.

What Else You Should Get

Don’t forget that volleyball is a very active team sport. During a match, players can get various injuries. Therefore, your court should have a first aid kit, sports tape, and, if possible, ice packs. Of course, you shouldn’t try to heal a severe injury on your own, but you can relieve the pain from a small bruise. That will make playing volleyball not only fun but also safe.

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