How to Choose the Right Chafing Shorts For Athletes

Written By Alla Levin
January 05, 2021

How to Choose the Right Chafing Shorts For Athletes

Whenever you start to run or indulge in any physical activity, you have to invest in new gear for your training. It may include the essentials, like running shoes. Or necessary add-ons, like wearable technologies. But chafing shorts should also be on your list.

With so many options available in chafing or running shorts, choosing the best one can be challenging. Find out how to choose your comfort and style. In case you are a running newcomer, you can choose to wear a pair of shorts already in your closet.

However, as you progress in your physical activity, you may begin to see the significance of having a good pair of chafing or running shorts. Here are some points that you should consider when buying a short for yourself.

Understand the Style of Shorts

Primarily, there are three running shorts, namely, compression, v-notch, and even split shorts. The style decides the length, fit, and leg seam.

Shorts For Athletes: V-Notch Shorts Chafing Shorts For Athletes

You can quickly identify the V-notch shorts by their upside-down V-shape cut-out on the side of their leg seam. Most of the athletes prefer this style of chafing shorts. The cut-out permits you (athlete) a greater variety of motion if you compare it to no indent. These chafing or running shorts have a looser fit as compared to compression shorts. If you talk about the length, the styles for women in this category of shorts incline to be shorter.

Split Running Shorts

These shorts are quite similar to V-notch shorts; the only difference is that the “V” on their sides is not stitched together. Instead, they are divided and made with overlapping fabric. It permits you even more flexibility as compared to the V-notch shorts. The split can vary in length. It can be as high as the waistband to nearly a one-half inch split.

Compression Shorts

These shorts are tight-fitting and snug to your body. These compression shorts are a lot like cycling chamois, without the padding. Since these shorts have a snug fit, you will find them warmer, offering you the most muscle support. These shorts are the strongest when you talk about chafing-prevention. The stretch permits you for exceptional flexibility.

The length of compression shorts differs between the women and men style as women are often on the shorter side. However, the styles of men typically fall between middle-thigh to knee-length. And men often wear them under a looser short. Leg layers can differ, but since the flexibility of the short emerges from its tight, elastic fit, the leg seam on compression shorts is mainly a fashion preference.

Extra Features

Chafing or running shorts you consider can have other fun features that you may want to consider. These features are like pockets and reflection designs.

  • Pockets: The pockets stay hidden by the band of your shorts, and they may differ in size. Some pockets can hold your phone, while other pockets are just huge enough to keep a key. You can even look for the ones having pockets with zippers to guard the content.
  • Reflective Designs: If you run in low-light environments, this is undoubtedly a feature you must look into. Reflective detailing and bright shades may add visibility and safety to your physical activity or run.

To sum up, being an athlete, owning the right pair of chafing shorts is a must. You cannot compromise on it as shorts can make or mar your running or physical activity experience.

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