Is Your Business Prepared For A Pest Infestation?

Written By Alla Levin
January 13, 2021

Is Business Prepared For A Pest Infestation?

There is an endless list of things that could land your business in hot water, and you probably spend a lot of time trying to protect yourself from those dangers. Carefully monitoring spending helps avoid cash flow issues; building an emergency fund helps you make it through slow periods; conducting background checks reduces employee theft chances. But how much time do you spend protecting against pests? 

Most business owners don’t give it a second thought, but a pest infestation can spell disaster for you. The whole business has to close down while you get the problem sorted, and, in some cases, it can put your employees at risk. If you haven’t considered it before, you should do these things to stop a pest infestation from destroying your business. 

Know-How To Spot The Signs 

Early intervention is the key to managing pest problems effectively, so you need to know how to spot the early signs. Wooden fixtures inside and outside the building can often be a good indicator of pests. If you notice small holes burrowed into the wood, there’s a good chance that there is a lot of wasp activity in the area because they make nests from chewed wood pulp. It could also be a sign of carpenter ants or woodworm, so make sure to get it checked out. It would help if you also looked for signs of bigger pests, like rats. If you notice any droppings, that’s an obvious indicator, but be on the lookout for more subtle things, like chewed wires or scuttling sounds in the ceiling and walls. If you notice anything suspicious, it’s best to call out an exterminator, even if it is only something small. 

Keep The Office Clean Keep The Office Clean 

Most pests like dirty spaces, so a clean office is one of the easiest ways to prevent an infestation. Cleaning your office properly is essential anyway because it reduces employee absence and creates a more positive working environment. If you are concerned about cleanliness around the office, you will benefit from a professional cleaning service. However, you should also take the responsibility yourself and let all employees know that they are responsible for keeping their workspace clean and tidy. Pay particular attention to any communal areas where food is prepared and eaten because leftover food scraps will attract pests in no time. 

Manage The Outdoor Areas 

Don’t neglect the outdoor areas of your business if you want to avoid a pest infestation. If you have trees that come very close to the building, you’re giving rats and squirrels an easy entry point, and you’re far more likely to have an infestation, so you need to cut them back. Keep a close eye on your bins, too, because if they are overflowing and animals are ripping bags open, the rubbish will attract more pests. If you create a welcoming environment for pests outside the building, they will soon make their way inside. 

A pest infestation can be very costly to your business, but it’s easily avoided if you follow these simple rules. 

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