7 Security Tips For Retail Businesses

Written By Alla Levin
December 03, 2021

7 Security Tips For Retail Businesses

Retail businesses face all kinds of security threats, from shoplifting to customer fraud. This post details just how you can keep a retail business secure.

Keep cash in a safe

Cash should never be left in a till overnight. Once your store closes, it should ideally be counted up and transferred to a safe. If a burglar does gain entry to your premises, this will reduce the risk of them being able to steal any money. This post by Wes Wernette offers some tips on choosing the right safe. 

Security tips for retail businesses: install security camerasInstall security cameras

Security cameras are one of the best security defenses you can invest in and you can ask Securiteam in Tampa FL for some help to install the system. They can help you record various crimes, from shoplifting to employees stealing from the till. In many cases, a well-placed security camera will serve as a deterrent.

It’s worth placing a camera outside and inside of your shop. Nowadays, it’s possible to rent cloud-based cameras that can be surveyed on your phone, allowing you to keep a constant watch on your business.

Use security lighting

A burglar is more likely to break into a shop that has no lighting on at night – this makes it easier to break in undetected. Consider installing some motion-sensing lighting outside your store. This will turn on any time anyone gets close. It also won’t consume as much energy as permanent lighting, saving you money on your bills. 

Invest in a decent burglar alarm

A decent burglar alarm will be able to notify you if there is a break-in so that you can take action quickly. These can be triggered to go off if a door is opened without providing a code or if a window is smashed. On top of sounding an alarm, burglar alarms can be set up to notify you or even local police. These can sometimes be linked to cameras, allowing you to check the footage to determine if it’s a false alarm or not. 

Don’t neglect digital security and AIDon't neglect digital security and AI

A lot of theft is moving online. Your computer system must have good antivirus software installed, including ransomware protection, to reduce the risk of being targeted by cybercriminals. As the likes of Daniel Menard explain, it could also be worth exploring AI software to keep a close eye on your inventory and detect shoplifting. 

Restrict access to your office

You don’t want customers to be able to walk into your store’s office. Consider installing a door with coded entry to restrict access to authorized personnel. This will also add an extra layer of protection against burglars who may be looking to steal your computers or cash.

Record evidence of deliveries

Customer fraud is widespread in stores that offer delivery – including physical and online stores. Some fraudsters will claim that they did not receive a parcel so that an extra one is sent out.

For this reason, it’s essential to make sure that your couriers record evidence of deliveries, such as getting someone to sign for the parcel or taking a photograph/recording video footage of the delivery. This will prevent a customer from claiming that they did not receive the product. 

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