​Traveling with a Dog in a Post COVID-19 World​

Written By Alla Levin
January 17, 2021

​Traveling with a Dog in a Post COVID-19 World​

Traveling with a pet is something that millions all over the world love to do. Unfortunately, with nearly 100 million Covid-19 cases around the world when this article was written, travel has all but halted for many. While things will eventually open back up a little and travel will once again become popular, things might look a little different.

This is especially true if you plan on traveling with a pet. This article will go over a few tips for traveling with your dog in a post-Covid-19 world to help you prepare.

Know the Effects of the Virus on Your Dog

First and foremost, you need to familiarize yourself with how the virus impacts your pet. While dogs and other pets can indeed be infected with the disease, there has been no evidence of a dog directly passing the virus to a human.

While you don’t need to make your dog wear a mask, it couldn’t hurt to distance them from other pets and people socially. Just because a dog cannot directly give you Covid-19 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful.

For example, if you are at the dog park and someone with Covid-19 interacts with the dog, the virus could remain on the pet’s fur. It could eventually be transferred to you in that way. When traveling, be sure to pick up a fantastic pet carrier from a retailer like Furry friends gear. This will help to make sure you can keep your dog safe and out of harm’s way.

​Traveling with a Dog: Plan Ahead​Traveling with a Dog

Planning is always an important part of traveling with a pet. You need to ensure the places you go and stay are pet friendly and that you give your dog all the necessary shots. However, just because a place allowed pets in the past doesn’t mean they do now. You need to get online and research whether the rules and regulations have changed at the places you plan to visit.

Some airlines have stopped allowing pets to fly, which can obviously ruin your trip if you don’t plan and do your homework. This can take some time, and you are bound to miss or forget something, but you want to be as prepared as possible to ensure the trip goes off without a hitch.

​Traveling with a Dog: Ensure Your Plans Have a Little Wiggle Room

While planning is a good idea to ensure you know what you can and cannot do, make sure not to set anything in stone. These are uncertain times, and things can change on a dime. For example, a restaurant might have posted on social media that they are now allowing pets on the patio. But once you arrive, that rule could have been overturned due to an outbreak or another issue.

Things can change daily, with little to no notice for anyone involved. Even after the virus is contained, things will still be like this. As a result, it is important to remain flexible in your plans. Always have a plan B and even a plan C. Without this wiggle room, you could end up stuck with nowhere to go, no place to stay, or having to make expensive last-second adjustments.

In conclusion, traveling with a dog in a post-Covid-19 world might look a little different. But with a little planning, a few adjustments, and the ability to maintain some flexibility, it can certainly be done.

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