How to Choose the Best Rain Shower Head

Written By Alla Levin
January 18, 2021
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How to Choose the Best Rain Shower Head

rain shower head is essentially a handheld shower device designed to replicate the rainfall experience without the risk of run-off or overflow. One of the many advantages of installing this type of shower is the additional space it allows you to have in your bathroom.

There is no longer any need to have an expensive shower tray or liner to prevent water from reaching the floor. Instead, all of that waterfalls right to the ground. This is also great news if you are one of those who suffer from severe foot problems, such as arthritis.

A rain shower head comes with two hands allowing you to massage your entire body. Another option, which also achieves the same effect, is to set up the hand shower high up on the wall with either a long rod extending at an angled angle to direct the water or a long flexible hose that is attached directly to the rain shower head and directed towards the user.

Newcastle Plumber CDL explains that these shower heads are much more intricate than your traditional shower head and require installation from an experienced plumber.

Many people find the long flexible hoses to be much more enjoyable as they do not restrict any of the body’s circulation. Another advantage of using this option is the added relaxation it affords as it takes a lot of the strain off the tired back and neck muscles.

The rain shower head, in conjunction with another shower featureThe rain shower head in conjunction with another shower feature

It is common for people to use a rain shower head in conjunction with another shower feature such as a ceiling mount shower or a rain shower attachment. Using these two together can drastically improve the feeling of rainfall in the bathroom. By directing the water onto your skin rather than going over your head and your clothes and hair, you will enjoy the extra closeness your showering experience will give you.

With the rain shower head mounted on the ceiling, you can still enjoy the benefits of a comfortable showering experience, whilst the overhead attachment can be positioned anywhere in the room wherever you feel needed. A solid solar heater for shed may come in handy as well.

As well as being able to direct the water where you want it to go, many people find the added benefit of the rain shower head and ceiling attachment to be much more aesthetically pleasing than having a separate shower arm. The shower arms are often bulky looking and take up much space around the room. Adding a stylish shower arm to a ceiling mount option can provide the aesthetics much the needed boost.  

The reasons why people choose to install a rainfall effect

As well as the above benefits, there are numerous other reasons people choose to install a rainfall effect in their bathroom remodel. The most obvious reason is the increased sense of comfort afforded by the rainfall showerheads. By installing a larger head than would be used with other showerheads, you can enjoy a more even flow and more consistent pressure. This can make bathing more pleasurable and make shaving easier, especially when using a wet to help reduce the friction between your razor blade and your skin.

Another great advantage that rain shower heads have over the other types is the added safety. Installing a shower head that controls the flow to a more controlled surface can provide an added sense of safety in your bathroom. You can feel confident that you can control the direction of the spray no matter which way you turn your shower nozzle. This is especially important if you have young children or elderly adults living alone in your home.

A final consideration when choosing the best rain shower heads is to consider the spray nozzles available. There is a huge range available, ranging from single spray nozzles to multi-spray nozzles that can change the direction of the spray nozzles depending on the water level you want to spray. Some of these nozzles have options to adjust the spray level from light to heavy, which can make them especially convenient if you have very tall or thin visitors in your home.

Of course, all of these considerations take into account a few things. The most important consideration will be your shower size and the room you are installing it in. If you are going to install a larger shower, you need to make sure that your ceiling space is adequate for the installation. Also, you will need to consider the amount of lighting and additional features you would like in your bathroom so that you can get the best rain shower heads possible.

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