How to Choose Black and White Wall Art for Your Home

Written By Alla Levin
January 19, 2021
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How to Choose Black and White Wall Art for Your Home

You’ve got a big splash of blankness on your wall. Perhaps it’s above your sofa, dining table, or bed. But you just can’t seem to find something interesting enough to fill that space with the help of an inspiring piece of art.

We all feel that way if we are being honest! Thanks to the internet, there is so much inspiration at our disposal, but it almost makes it harder to pick a quality framed wall art for hanging that feels like an expression of ourselves and brings out a smile every time we walk past!

Challenges While Interior Decoration

There’s a sense of satisfaction in overcoming the challenge of interior decorating and putting the pieces of your new home together. Bit by bit, you fill up the empty spaces in your abode, and it starts to feel more like you.

Getting started is usually the best way to start setting up your place, which makes this clear acrylic printing guide from bumblejax that much more helpful for those looking to add clear acrylic art into their home.

The Power of Black and White

What was once an unavoidable choice is now a highly coveted artistic one. Black and white photography is timeless, and for a good reason: like so many famous photographers before you, whose work you may have seen in galleries worldwide, you’ve realized how powerful the combination of the two often is.

Black means power, sophistication, elegance, and style; all very sleek traits that anyone would want to channel within their brand or business. So powerful and refined are these characteristics that, together with white depicting peace, light, and goodness, produce a highly evocative combination of hues – in fact it’s no wonder that it’s been such a popular choice for centuries!

We’re accustomed to seeing the world in a certain way. Black and white wall art pulls you away for a moment and makes you see things differently. black and white wall decor will ultimately be a long-term investment as they never go out of style.

Decorating with Black and White Wall Art

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Choosing how to decorate your home can be challenging because of all the different factors involved. However, it’s important not to let those challenges get you down and second guess yourself when decorating your space! One way some people like to customize their home without making drastic changes is by investing in classic black and white pieces because they’re classic, neutral, and timeless.

Black, white, and charcoal grey always go together well, so if you choose one color family for your room’s theme, that will help minimize future worries about clashing colors. Instead of being concerned with what you like aesthetic-wise v.s. cost-effective, choose a few things that you love regardless of whether others consider them expensive or not, and focus on the piece itself!

Versatile Medium

Wall art is a multifaceted device. It plays an essential role in transforming your home from a mere abode into a sophisticated sanctuary during which its residents can express – or conceal – themself.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for wall art. Where else could one find the time to contemplate mankind’s vices and virtues, aspirations and motivations, emotions and conditions without moving from the couch?! Inspiration lies within the confines of essentially any wall decoration!

There is something strangely alluring about hanging an inspiring quote up above your headboard that practically screams: “Toujours!” while lying down at night, especially if it’s accompanied by very warm bedroom lighting; something artistic and soothing about adding personal character to your living space with a well-chosen painting featuring a captivating landscape. The list goes on…

What Wall Decor to Pick for Each RoomWhat Wall Decor to Pick for Each Room

Each room in a house tells the story of how we’ve chosen to style and personalize our living environment. And while this can be extremely exciting, choosing the right wall art to express yourself and change the feel of a room can sometimes seem challenging.

We know precisely how nerve-wracking it is to try and find that perfect piece that paints a special picture for you about your home decor and gives such an artistic ambiance to your walls.

To help you make the best decisions when shopping for wall décor, ask yourself a few key questions to guide you along the way: What kind of style or ambiance could I use more of in my home? Do I want decorative or functional wall art?

How would I like my artwork to make me feel? These are all excellent things to ask yourself because the answers will act as guides along the way! Once you’ve found what’s right for you, you’ll be able to start polishing up any room and making it feel so much more like home!

The Living Room

This is the first room people see when they walk into your home, and the last thing you want to happen is for them to get a weird vibe from how it looks. I mean, unless you like worrying about that sort of thing.

Our suggestion here would be to go crazy with it. However much money you want to spend on this room, do that! You live there every day so otherwise, what’s the point of even having a lavish house? It’s also essential to mix and match art styles as well. Like if you were going for an American primitive look, or something more sculptural, just keep changing it up until you start to like how it all looks together. Read more about living room wall art ideas.

The Bedroom

The environment in which you relax your mind and prepare for a stressful day will determine the way you feel. A bedroom portrays a sense of peace, relaxation, and tranquility and is typically the most private room in any home.

Feeling connected with your surroundings is essential when retreating from the world. Abstract pieces with black, white, or neutral colors help keep your bedroom calm, while nature-inspired prints or large imagery create an aesthetic that triggers a feeling of space and openness.

Side by SideWhat Wall Decor to Pick for Each Room

Additionally, you can hang two smaller wall decorating pieces on either side of your bed above your side tables to create symmetry. Always opt for details that are the same length or smaller than the bed or furniture they hang above.

You can also balance the room by placing a larger horizontal piece above the bed. Then filling the wall opposite with a gallery of canvas art. This allows you to have more flexibility in curating the feel of the room.

Black and white wall art: in conclusion

Going about selecting art for your home can be incredibly daunting. But it can be comforting to know that ultimately you can’t be wrong about art that you truly love. Your personal style and what attracts you go above all else and give you the final say in what to put on display in your personal space.

Common rules of thumb like matching your art to your decor or maintaining the same color scheme are being broken more and more as trends and tastes change.

When making decisions about art for your home, you don’t have to worry about one right way of doing it. Ultimately we are all drawn to different things simply because of personal taste.

The more you revel in what you love most and accept with no doubt that these are the objects that speak to your unique personal style, the better able you will be to incorporate art into your home decor appropriately. Most common rules of thumb like matching your art to your decor or maintaining a specific color scheme are becoming obsolete as tastes and styles change by the minute.

Love  Art?

Art is subjective. When choosing art for your home, it’s important to be aware of what others may see in the same piece and if it aligns with your vision for this area. This way, you’ll be able to curate your home according to the aesthetic you wish to portray and surround yourself with pieces that make you happy!

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