Smartphone Fun To Beat Pandemic Boredom

Written By Alla Levin
January 22, 2021

Smartphone Fun To Beat Pandemic Boredom

If you are struggling with the coronavirus pandemic that shows no sign of abating, you might be crawling the walls. Anxiety can loom if you become bored with the monotony of your socially distant days. Many people are now relying on their TV sets and smartphones for entertainment, news, and social media.

You don’t have to while away the days scrolling through your Facebook feed. There is so much more than your smartphone can do for you. Take a look at how you can have some smartphone fun to beat pandemic boredom.

GamingPokémon GO

If you were once an avid gamer and you love nothing more than whipping out the Xbox or Switch, you can enjoy this pastime on your smartphone as well. You could download the old school Sonic the Hedgehog platform game which has morphed onto the smartphone seamlessly.

Or perhaps you fancy a more strategic RPG style game, Sims mobile is addictive and can help you relax. Or maybe you’d rather head onto your app store for a more physical game that you can do with the kids. Pokemon Go can see you out and about in your local area looking for Pikachu or Charizard. As games on smartphones have become more popular, some developers have begun to charge for their creations. However, there are many that are still free to download and playmaking this fun on your smartphone very cheap.


If you have a bit of spare cash and you fancy a little flutter, heading to the races or casino isn’t possible during the pandemic. However, you can access a casino-style environment on your smartphone. There are many different betting sites or gambling apps that will allow you to gamble responsibly. We aren’t talking big bucks, but spending a few pennies here and there can be fun. You might want to take a look at the Cryptocurrency Gambling Guide especially if you have some Litecoin or Ethereum knocking around in your vault. You could play Blackjack, Roulette, or Snake Eyes, depending on your favorite part of the virtual casino.

InstagramCryptocurrency Gambling Guide

If you enjoy scrolling through Facebook every so often, why not explore a different sort of social media channel. Twitter can often be unfriendly and an unpleasant online environment to be part of. However, Instagram is renowned for being more friendly. You could set up a page and display some of your images for the online world to marvel at.

If you enjoy photography, utilize the caliber of your phone and get shooting. This can encourage you to get out into the countryside to take some achingly cool landscape shots. Think about following your passion and setting up an Instagram page dedicated to that. This means you could have a page showing off your baking creations, your flower arranging, or your metal detecting finds!

Being cooped up indoors can lead to feelings of stress and your mood can be sapped. While too much screen time can be a negative thing, your smartphone can bring you moments of joy during this pandemic.

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