How Having A Website Influences Your Google Maps Ranking
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How Having A Website Influences Your Google Maps Ranking

Ranking higher on search engines increases in-store traffic, generates revenue, and improves conversion rate. To help improve your business visibility, you may want to reconsider incorporating Google Maps on your listings. There are several SEO elements you should work on to help increase your ranking and visibility among local search near you. 

What Factors Affects Your Google Rankhow to rank higher on Google Maps

There are plenty of benefits when you rank higher on Google Maps, including increased organic traffic and higher conversion rate. When people search for a top business near them, there is a higher possibility that your business appears on Google’s top recommendations. 

Optimizing your website helps you be on top of the competition. Once you created your Google Maps (business) listings, you’ll need to include your site’s URL. The niche, keywords, domain authority, and category relevance are among the few factors on your website that helps you rank higher from the tough local competition. 

Ranking higher on Google Maps requires patience and getting familiar with Google’s key metrics to help you identify your ranking. Remember these three vital elements on how to rank higher on Google Maps for your business to increase visibility. This will influence where and when a business appears on top search engine searches. 

  • Vicinity

Your business’s proximity plays a vital role in the overall ranking. Google provides search results based on users’ location by providing products closest to their physical location.  Users typically turn their location on to help Google quickly identify which business establishments near you will match your requirements. Google then generates several business listings or companies near you. Typically, you’ll have the closest business recommendation followed by top listings most comparable to your proximity.  This gives a fair competition with other business listings near you with the same niche, keywords, or domain authority. 

  • Optimization Level

Your GMB (Google My Business) optimization level affects your overall ranking position. Aside from reviews, detailed listings and helpful information present on your site can affect your ranking position. 

A website that offers more details and information according to users’ searches ranks higher than a site with plenty of positive reviews but lacks vital information. Take advantage of various optimization plans and engage users by offering up-to-date details about your company, including services you offer and hours of operations. 

  • Reviews

Previous customer insights significantly affect your ranking. Most of the time, people check for reviews and recommendations to decide how profitable your business is. Good or bad reviews affect your Google Maps ranking. 

While it’s never guaranteed, Google ranks listings or businesses with higher positive reviews from the competition. If your company has plenty of great feedback, chances are, this will affect your overall ranking on local searches.  Ranking reviews are crucial, especially if users don’t include the “near me” on their searches. Google then provides listings that are influenced by customer insights.

How To Increase Your Google Maps RankingHow To Increase Your Google Maps Ranking

Whether you’re a startup or already an established business, it’s vital to keep your information up-to-date and check out the following factors that affect your ranking position of Google Maps: 

Optimize the website homepage

Including your business website URL is like creating a landing page to Google Maps listings. Optimizing your site homepage is vital to help enhance your business’s local SEO metrics. The site URL associated with Google Maps listings can influence the authority and your rank based on local search results.

Build a healthy backlink portfolio

High-quality backlinks are vital factors that affect your Google ranking. With domain authority backlinks, you can instantly notice the tremendous impact on Google’s organic search and Google Maps ranking. 

Target building high-quality and healthy backlinks on your site to help you improve your Google Maps ranking. Citations are vital factors to help leverage your business and position in Google Maps. 

Optimize Google My Business

For your business to get the right citations, you have to include and verify the company. There are several easy to follow tutorials on how to do this. After ascertaining the business, you’ll have higher chances of getting found through local searches.

Create niche based on local businesses citations

Citations are your business NAP or website URL. It’s similar to backlinks for organic SEO plans. If you have more relevant and authoritative sources, your business is more likely to rank higher on Google Maps. 

Add GMB subcategories

Adding subcategories for your business only applies to universities, retailers, institutions, or franchises with multiple locations. Google Maps Listing division for internal departments and retailers allows brands to be more competitive in their target local markets. 

Citation distribution

Consistency is vital when it comes to citation distribution, and you have to track and remove volatility. Google Maps ranking is greatly affected by inconsistency when it comes to addressing variations. 

For you to eliminate inconsistency is to do a thorough analysis of every site your citations are published. Once you have analyzed and tracked every source, it will be easier for you to check which one is easy to update whether you claim the business or check with, reach out to webmasters directly to update your details.  

Schema markup

Wrapping your business NAP allows you to send a high-quality signal to various search engines like Google about the business location’s authority and relevance. Schema markup is a systematic protocol adopted by multiple search engines to make it easy for you to determine specific datasets from the web pages. 


With a business website URL associated with your GMB or Google My Business listings, search engines like Google can easily rank you based on the user’s location, niche, or relevant keywords. This affects your overall Google Maps local ranking. By optimizing your website, including positive insights from previous customers, and proximity, you’ll expect to improve organic traffic surge and conversion rate. 

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