Top Tips for Making Your Business Covid Secure

Written By Alla Levin
February 03, 2021
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Top Tips for Making Your Business Covid Secure

The global pandemic has seen a lot of businesses struggle. The onset of lockdowns around the world, opening up again and closing again continues to cause uncertainty for many businesses. When the time is right for you to open your business again, you will want to ensure it is Covid secure and that staff and customers feel safe. Below are some tips to help you ensure your business is secure as it can be. Remember, making your business Covid secure is about making it as safe as you possibly can through mitigating risks and assessing how the spread can be avoided altogether or indeed reduced.

Risk Assessment

The first step to making your business Covid secure is to carry out a risk assessment. This means identifying potential hazards such as places where people would congregate such as the staff kitchen, assess the risks involved, and take action to prevent them. In the case of the kitchen, you may decide to close the kitchen altogether and ask people to eat their lunch at their desks. The focus should be on limiting interaction and the chance of the virus spreading. Taking account of all areas and how the staff interacts should be the priority when conducting a risk assessment.

Inform Employees/Customers

When you have completed your risk assessment then inform employees and customers of the outcome. They should know what you have done and what their role is in ensuring the office or retail environment is Covid secure.  

Hygiene Measures PIN pad sanitizer

Taking additional hygiene measures will help ensure your business is Covid secure. This includes staff taking extra measures such as washing hands more frequently or if you are selling to customers, using a PIN pad sanitizer after every customer, or wearing masks at all times. All of these things will help in your quest to ensure your business is Covid secure.

Follow Advice

If your Government or business industry leaders have issued specific advice for your industry then follow it. Any advice offered will help you ensure you and your employees can work safely in these times.

Manage Visitors

As well as looking after staff, it’s important to look after customers and any other visitor who may enter your premises. This means sharing with them the protocols you have put in place to keep your business Covid secure. It can be difficult to control how visitors and customers behave so this may require you to put up signs, asking staff to remind customers and visitors of the guidelines and educating them of the importance of following them.

Social Distancing Measures

Working in an office, it may be easy to implement social distancing however this is more tricky in shops. You may need to place signs and stickers on the floor to guide customers and limit the number of people on your premises at any one time. Social distancing can play an important role in keeping your business Covid secure.


These are just some of the ways that you can make your business Covid secure for your staff, customers, and anyone else who comes into your building.

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