Tips and Tricks for Trading Bitcoin

Written By Alla Levin
February 09, 2021

Tips and Tricks for Trading Bitcoin

Bitcoin remains the most traded cryptocurrency, years after other digital coins came to be. That means it holds tremendous amounts of profits for savvy investors and traders. That is why you need to approach bitcoin trading with all the caution it deserves. Since it is a decentralized market, bitcoin prices are very volatile, fluctuating depending on the demand and supply, unlike forex trading, which changes depending on the central government’s activities and other external factors. In addition to trading on the best bitcoin trading app, you have to develop a trading strategy to help you navigate this highly speculative market. Here are several tricks you can use.

Start small

First, begin with a small bitcoin investment. Bitcoin trading is reputable for bringing considerable profits quickly, doesn’t mean that it is a walk in the park to trade bitcoins. Bitcoin prices are extremely volatile, so do not risk much. Instead, start with a small investment that allows you to get your hands on the market with only minimal risks. Of course, never trade bitcoins with what you can’t afford to lose.

Security comes firstTrading Bitcoin

Your bitcoin wallet is the entry to your digital assets, so you should choose wisely to ensure its safety and ease of access on your side. You have several options for choosing a bitcoin wallet, but you should make a wise choice. Basically, bitcoin wallets fall under two categories, hot and cold wallets.

Hot wallets are linked to the internet, making them susceptible to hackers, while cold wallets store your bitcoin holdings offline and are more secure. If you have a huge value of bitcoins, a cold wallet is advisable, but if you have small amounts of bitcoin and need instant access, a well-secured hot wallet will work just fine. You can also use both by keeping only a limited quantity of bitcoins in a hot wallet and bulk amounts offline.

Understand technical analysis

No central bank or government influences the valuation of bitcoin, making its prices very unpredictable. For instance, breaking news can have unprecedented impacts on the value of bitcoins. Bitcoin traders depend on speculative prices, a model that ignores the traditional theory of financial markets. Please educate yourself on technical analysis basics before entering the bitcoin market since it lacks relevant market fundamentals.

Adopt a manageable trading pace

One of the major tasks for bitcoin trading is adopting a manageable trading pace over the long haul. When you put in all your time or too long hours daily, it is easy to burn out. Since it is not easy to trade all round the clock, you should adopt a sustainable schedule to trade and entirely focus on those timelines.

Monitor profit targets strictly and stop-loss orders

The volatility of bitcoin needs you to have a plan and stick to it. When opening a position, determine the amounts of profits you are willing to take from the trade, losses you can afford to incur, set your targets and stop-loss levels right from the beginning. Do not fall victim to greed. Be strict with your profit targets to minimize risks.

Concluding thoughts

Whatever bitcoin strategy you adopt, risk management and security should be your utmost priority. Again, be on the lookout for bitcoin scams and new threats that pop up every day.

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