What Are The Most Effective Pigeon Repellents?

Written By Erick Wolf | The innovator of OvoControl®
February 16, 2021

How To Get Rid of Pigeons: Most Effective Pigeon Repellents

The pigeon problem is increasing rapidly, and it has become a severe issue everywhere in the world. Now people need to impose more and effective pigeon control programs. The effective pigeon control program helps you keep the pigeons out of your backyard and home premises because the nesting, pooping, landing, and roosting of these pest birds cause serious damage to your property. The pigeon’s droppings have a high amount of uric acid. Uric acid has corrosive properties that damage your rooftops and railing etc. Still, an effective pigeon repellent can solve this problem and will quickly repel the pigeons out of your premises. 

Kindly stick to this article as it will tell you about the most effective pigeon’s repellents and how they will make your life easier. 

The most effective pigeon repellents:

Over the years, many strategies have been adopted to repel the pest birds. Some of them worked, and some did not. But with time and research, it has been established that following pigeon repellent techniques are the best and most effective because they work every time.

Birth Control Program

You might be right in saying that it is not a bird repellent, but I am talking about it here because it is one of the most effective methods of keeping the pigeons under control. So we should not overlook it. The birth control program for pigeons is a safe and humane method that is much more effective than any other repellent; hence it tops our list.

How to Get rid of Pigeons: Effigies

The effigies are the most common pigeon repellent technique used worldwide. The effigies that mostly scare the pigeons and other pesky birds are rubber snake, plastic owl, and the plastic hawk.  It comes under the visual repellent category. The plastic hawk and owl are pigeon’s natural predators.  These decoys of owl and hawk are made so realistic and in natural dimensions, they easily fool the pigeons and keep them out of your backyards. The effigies are inexpensive and easy to install.

The effigy repellent is entirely safe as it does not harm the birds. They scare them and keep them away from your homes. The problem with the effigies is that after some time, the birds get used to the dummy owl and hawk and understand that it will not cause them. 

Sonic and Ultrasonic EmittersHow to get rid of pigeons

The sonic and ultrasonic emitters emit sounds from different pigeon or bird predators such as owl, hawk, and falcon. When the pigeons hear these sounds, they take them as real raptors and stay away from your property. This repellent is useful for other pests like rabbits, mice, other pest birds, etc.

The only problem with this repellent is that birds get accustomed to it after some time and do not pay any attention. 

Reflected and direct light source

Reflected and direct light sources easily distract the birds. This type of repellent comes under the visual repellent category. Different materials are used to reflect the light, such as aluminum pie plates or Chephone repellent CDs at household levels. They are not costly and easy to install. 

In extensive facilities such as airports and industrial areas, advanced technological solutions are used to deter the pigeons, such as rotating reflectors and industrial lasers. 

How to Get rid of Pigeons: Spikes or Metal Roof Guard

It is also one of the standard, inexpensive and effective methods of repelling pigeons out of your property, ledges, beams, and window sills. It comes under the visual deterrent category. It is effortless to install the spikes or metal roof guards. This technique is effective at the household level and practical for industries and airports, etc. 

The spikes’ con is that it only covers the ledges and beams, etc., and the birds can avoid it and land somewhere else. 

Propane Cannon

The propane canon provides a single pressure sonic blast that frightens the pigeons, other pesky birds, pests, and wildlife. They are instrumental but note that you cannot install propane canon in the urban area. The propane canon is ideal to scare the pest birds and wildlife in agriculture sites, disposal sites, airports, etc.

Gel and pastes

The gel and paste is a sticky transparent substance that offends the pigeons and keeps them away from your ledges and window sills. The gel is applied to the area where you do not want any pigeons to land. If the pigeons happen to land in the gel, the sticky gel sticks to their feet and takes hours to get off which offends the pigeons, and next time they avoid landing on it. 

The problem with this repellent is that it dries out, and you have to clean the area and reapply it. 

How to get rid of pigeons: optical gels

The optical gels are multisensory repellents. They are very effective. The optical gel emits UV light that looks like a fire to the pigeons, so they stay away from the property. Secondly, the gel is sticky, and if a stubborn pigeon lands on it, the gel will stick to its feet. So the optical gels are tapping on the visual and sense of touch of the pigeons. They are inexpensive and easy to install as they come in pre-filled dishes. 

The optical gels need a lot of cleaning. 

Erick Wolf (bio), the innovator of OvoControl®, is working on an article that introduces the concept of wildlife contraception.

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