4 Reasons You Have a Blocked Drain

Written By Alla Levin
February 17, 2021

Check the Reasons You Have a Blocked Drain

Are things getting a little backed up at your house? You don’t want to let that go on too long otherwise, things could get…unpleasant to say the least. How did this even happen? There are a number of ways that pipes can get blocked and start backing up. Let’s look at a few of the most common to help you avoid further troubles.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Some blockages will require a licenced plumber to clear, others you may be able to clear out on your own. Only try it yourself if you have a pretty good idea of what the problem is. Otherwise, you could end up in a sticky situation! Here are common causes and advice about DIY.

Tree Roots

Your trees are lovely for shading your yard on hot summer days and providing a delightful ambiance. However, they can also cause problems with your plumbing if you don’t watch out. Trees close to the pipes will be attracted to the delicious nutrient muck inside. If they find a crack (or eventually make their own) the growing root will keep splitting the pipe open further and further. At first, you might just have a leak which may appear as a particularly lush spot in the lawn, but later the pipe can get blocked and start backing up into the house. This problem will require a professional.

Blocked Drain: HairReasons You Have a Blocked Drain

Your lovely hair is your crowning glory, but it is not so lovely when it gets stuck in a ball down the bathroom drain. To help prevent this from happening, clear the hairs from the shower drain after every shower or bath.

If you’ve already got a problem, try plunging the drain with a plunger to dislodge the clump. A chemical drain cleaner can also work, but be mindful of the environmental impact of these products. If all else fails, call the pros.

Oil or Grease

Some people mistakenly believe that you can pour oil or grease down the drain as long as you follow it with hot water. Unfortunately, that grease will still cool down at some point. If enough accumulates at the same spot when it does, you’ll have a blockage to deal with. Again, plunging the drain may work. To avoid using chemical drain cleaner, you can try pouring down a mix of hot water and soap and plunging it again.

Blocked Drain: Garbage

Most people realize that they shouldn’t throw garbage down the toilet. However, some people don’t realize that wipes, nappies, hygiene products, and other bathroom items also count as garbage. The only thing that should go down a toilet is human waste and toilet paper. The pipes aren’t designed to handle anything more than that. Even quilted toilet paper, if used in excess, can ball up and cause a blockage.

Keeping Your Drains Clear

Don’t let backed-up drains frustrate you and perfume your house. Keep your drains clear by avoiding putting these items and others down your drains.

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