4 Factors to Consider When Creating an Onsite Storage Facility

Written By Alla Levin
September 19, 2019

What to Consider When Creating an Onsite Storage Facility

It is important to make the best use of your available space, whether you own an industrial site, an agricultural business, or a commercial building.

Making the best use of space includes knowing how to effectively store your valuable assets, such as salt, aggregates, wood, or waste for recycling or disposal.

An effective storage space maximizes your property’s usage and provides a safe area for protecting these assets.

It is important to choose wisely when setting up an onsite storage facility. Here are some factors to consider:

Type of Storage Facility

Consider the purpose of the storage unit so that the decisions you make concerning materials and design are appropriate for this overall purpose.

Storage units are used to contain salt, waste, recycling, and other materials. They may also be used as a form of flood defense or to separate a space into different bays for storing equipment.

Choice of Material for Wallsretaining wall design

Getting the best long-term value from your storage facility is the key to maximizing your investment. Build a storage site with robust, durable materials.

Consider the materials used for retaining wall design – interlocking concrete blocks are a good choice. These precast concrete blocks are strong and durable, and they provide safe containment for the contents of the storage facility.

Wall durability can be enhanced with the appropriate use of these blocks.

Choosing the Size of the Blocks

Interlocking concrete blocks come in various sizes. Choose the appropriate blocks for your project based on the wall height and the mass requirements. Manufacturers of retaining wall materials can advise if you have difficulty working out the size and number of blocks needed. In many cases, an engineer will work on the design of the facility which will include the consideration of wall height, room size, and foundation structure.

Installation of BlocksInstallation of Blocks

Interlocking concrete blocks are constructed off-site and transported to the storage facility. You may choose to install your blocks yourself, meaning that you have complete control over the process.

This is usually a simple business, with a standard chain and hook system doing the off-loading and placing work. Blocks can be delivered directly to the site.

Since the blocks are configurable to different formats, you can choose to reconfigure the location of walls if and when your storage needs change.

This is also a simple matter due to the blocks’ design. If you do not want to off-load and install the blocks yourself you can pay for full service, which normally includes the full installation of interlocking concrete blocks so your storage solution is up and ready as soon as you need it.

A storage facility is a valuable asset for your business, provided that it meets your needs and is constructed from high-quality materials.

High standard concrete in interlocking concrete blocks provides a safe and reliable solution for storage. The design of the blocks ensures that installation is quick and easy, with the minimum time needed between installation and use.

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