Can Light Therapy Be Used To Treat COVID
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Can Light Therapy Be Used To Treat COVID

When it was discovered

It was about a century ago that scientists first pondered upon a magnificent discovery. This discovery had the potential to treat many ailments without causing too much harm or producing any side effects. The discovery was one that involved lights.

About a century ago, scientists were able to determine that light has the ability to kill bacteria that is responsible for tuberculosis. Science has not looked back since that time.

A century later, using LED light therapy products is one of the most popular forms of therapy available in the market today. It is touted as being one of the best therapy models by many healthcare professionals around the work.

Light therapy has been made use of in the treatment of babies with jaundice. This type of therapy is currently also used to get rid of harmful bacteria from surgical patients. Another use of this form of technology is to disinfect hospital rooms.

Light Therapy and Covid

Today, with the pandemic still raging on, newer forms of treatment and/or preventative measures are highly sought after. With this spirit, scientists have recently started to examine the effectiveness of light therapy as a preventative measure for coronavirus. They want to know whether the sheer virtue of brilliant light can simply kill the virus.

This particular topic became very hot around last April. It was around this time that Trump touted light as being able to treat the infections in the lungs that are caused by Covid. At the time of that statement, the whole technology was very much in the first development stages.

The real fact of the matter is that, even though Donald Trump is not known to be a man of science, he may not actually be too far off with that particular statement. A host of scientists proclaim that studying the effects of light therapy on covid and whether or not it can be used as a tool against the virus.

One recent statement made by the co-editor of Mass General Brigham Center for the Innovation of Covid, Guillermo Tearney, said that he was completely up for looking at light therapy much more in-depth. He wants to know all the possible benefits of this therapy model.

He also stressed that it was very important that light therapy happened to be such a safe and effective form of treatment. It is also fairly easy to apply and implement. So the argument he made was a simple one. Why not see if it has any potential benefits for Covid patients?

A lot of studies are already planned to study exactly those things. These studies will study a variety of light forms, and they will look into varied ways of delivering this light into the body of the patent.

A researcher in Nova Scotia is conducting a trial that will use a device called a Vielight. This is a two-pronged device that is basically set on the patient’s nose, and then it emits light. The second part of this device emits light that is infrared and also goes over the breast bone.

The main goal behind these studies is to test the therapy models on 280 patients with Covid. They want to see if the treatment helps these patients get better in a shorter period of time.

Why You Should Get Light Therapy During Covid In Any CaseWhy You Should Get Light Therapy During Covid In Any Case

Let us be honest, after the pandemic has started, most of us have had very little time outdoors. This means that we are all severely deprived of sunlight. This, in turn, means that we are all getting deprived of Vitamin D. That is not a good thing by any stretch of the imagination. It can actually cause many problems, with some affecting the mood of the sun-deprived people for long periods of time.

This is why light therapy can be an excellent alternative to having to go out. Let’s face it, and if we can, we try to avoid going out as much as possible during this pandemic. So, you are excused if you have not been getting enough sunlight. The good news is that light therapy can give you that dose of daily required light in the comfort of your own home.

Light therapy basically works by mimicking the natural light of the outdoors in an indoor setting. This means that if you get the right kind of light therapy device, you can get that required daily amount of light from your own home. The benefits are numerous, and you would do well to get to know about it properly.

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