Furnace and AC Repair Ridgewood NJ  – Troubleshooting Your HVAC Ventilation Issues

Written By Alla Levin
February 25, 2021
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Furnace and AC Repair Ridgewood NJ  – Troubleshooting Your HVAC Ventilation Issues

Has your electric bill suddenly went up? If so, it might be an indicator of coping with an air conditioning issue. These units are prone to refrigerant leaks, ventilation problems, clogged drain lines, loose wires, etc.

Some homeowners experiment with their systems by trying multiple methods to solve these problems instead of hiring professionals. The only way to prevent a graver defect from happening is by contacting AC repair technicians. These are the most common AC problems they fix.

HVAC Ventilation Issues: Refrigerant leaks

A frequent issue in AC units is refrigerant leaks. These systems use refrigerants to absorb heat and provide cool air. The refrigerant to reach the indoor unit has to travel from the compressor to the evaporator coils. Any leak that appears in the refrigerant line is harmful to the entire system, particularly to the compressor. Refrigerant loss usually results in overheat and complete unit breakdown.

Homeowners coping with a refrigerant leak will experience a change in the degree of coolness, as their homes won’t be as cool as before. Also, they’re likely to notice a hissing sound coming from the refrigerant lines, along with ice buildup. When noticing any of these symptoms, hiring an AC technician is your best chance to detect the source of the leak. Read here about the desirable properties, uses, and disposal of the refrigerant.

After detecting the leak, AC technicians in Ridgewood fix the issue either by repairing the leak or replacing the coil. The former solution seems efficient when detecting two tiny holes, whereas the latter is suitable for coils with multiple leaks. Bear in mind that adding more refrigerants to the unit won’t make the problem go away.

Ventilation issuesHVAC Ventilation Issues

This HVAC issue is related to ventilation, mainly due to a problem with the air ducts. It often happens for ducts to be blocked by debris and loose insulation, hence preventing cool air distribution inside the house. Anyhow, ductwork blockage isn’t always the cause of ventilation problems. Such an issue might also be triggered by any damage done to the ducts.

When dealing with duct problems, household members will notice uneven temperatures in different rooms of the house and poor air quality. In case your living room is much less cool compared to the bedroom, make sure you hire AC technicians to inspect the problem. Following the removal of all debris from the ducts, they’ll check for leaks and potential damage.

Clogged lines

Clogged lines in air conditioner units are considered a frequent problem. The role of drain lines is to ensure water is drained off properly to prevent property damage. Nevertheless, it happens for drain lines to get clogged due to condensation. In such cases, the indoor unit starts leaking water, making the air damp. Also, household members are likely to notice some mold signs on the unit.

AC technicians in Ridgewood are capable of unclogging drain pipes in a fast and efficient manner. There are numerous air conditioning experts in the market, such as https://www.ultimateaire.com, providing emergency repair services. When you notice a water puddle on the floor below the unit, contact an AC technician to unblock the drain lines. These professionals use a brush and a wet-dry vacuum to fix the line and allow you to use your unit again.

Electrical issues

The most irritating thing for homeowners is trying to turn on their HVAC system without any success. The problem generally lies in the breaker or the contactor. The latter can prevent electrical connections, leading to a system failure to turn on or run without any obstructions.

Nevertheless, professionals can easily detect the cause of an electrical failure. It can be a loose wire, a dirty fuse, or a bad capacitator. While loose wires and dirty fuses aren’t considered severe problems, the capacitator is the core element of these units’ electrical systems. Consequently, it has to be repaired or replaced for the system to go back to normal.


Use your DIY skills on another home project. AC repair is best trusted to pros!

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