Types of Retro Tiles

Written By Alla Levin
February 15, 2021

Types of Retro Tiles

In recent times the idea of having a vintage or retro look in one’s home has become really demandable. And to add a retro look to the interior of your home, there is no alternative to using retro tiles in the interior. And it gives a really amazing feeling to have a vintage design in your home. And to do that, your homes and floors need touches of retro tiles, and your modern house is set to have a completely vintage look depending on how and where you use them.

There are different types and patterns of retro tiles. They are of other materials, different styles from different times. To use on your floors you can go for retro tiles of simple material and designs. Various patterns with complicated looks can provide different looks, and depending on your preference you need to choose them. But first, you need to know about the types of retro tiles so that it gets easy for you to choose the right one.

Types of Retro Tiles

There are many different types of tiles, and this classification is mainly based on the materials used to manufacture them. The same thing goes for the retro tiles too. The types of retro tiles are mainly selected based on their manufacturing materials, but they also get classified based on their designs and patterns. However, these are the types of retro tiles that we mainly use for different kind of decorations-

  • Retro Ceramic tiles
  • Retro Glass Tiles
  • Terracotta Tiles
  • Terrazzo Tiles
  • Encaustic or Concrete Tiles
  • Retro Metal Tiles

Now let’s have an overview of these types of retro tiles.

Retro Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are suitable for many applications, which has made them one of the most common types found in homes. As a result, retro tiles of many different colors, patterns, and textures are also made of ceramic, and most of the retro tiles we see at other places are retro ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles have increased durability that makes them perfect for all the rooms in your house, and not to mention, and they work really great for kitchens, washrooms, and entryways. Many different styles help these retro ceramic tiles to fit into various designs easily. They are also easy to install and clean.

Retro Glass Tiles

Retro glass tiles offer an excellent and aesthetic look for your interior design. It is an incredible alternative to natural stones, and they are also stain resistant.  These unique retro tiles work better in smaller applications with less traction, such as gently used table tops, around the fireplace, as a backsplash, etc. Retro glass tiles are a significant component to provide a beautiful vintage look to your home.

Terracotta TilesTerracotta Tiles

When it’s time to choose retro tiles for your interior design, terracotta designs are certainly bound to cross your mind. They are one of the trendy ones that people have started to use these tiles more often to have a proper vintage look at their home. They have excellent and great baked clay tones that can warm up any room to an earthy texture. And this texture is just the right balance between refined and rugged. But with warming and nurturing colors and textures, terracotta tiling has become one of the most highly regarded retro tiles that people always look forward to using in their homes to have a perfect vintage look.

Terrazzo Tiles

Found in all shapes and colors, terrazzo tiles are among the most versatile and endlessly stylish types of retro tiles. Its soft textural pattern and decorative speckled design are understated and overwhelmingly elegant and sophisticated. Terrazzo tiles are quickly becoming interior designers’ favorite as a more affordable alternative to marble or granite tiles.

There are virtually unlimited color and material options for these retro tiles. Their fragments can be anything from marble to quartz, glass, or metal, and this mix creates texture and depth. And a smooth finish keeps the look unique and allows your interior to have a nice retro look with a modern touch.

Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic tiles, also known as concrete tiles or cement tiles, are made using a poured cement mixture, which after gets combined with any custom color and a vivid design gets created. These retro tiles are trendy among interior designers these days thanks to their smooth and sleek surface and their many different stylish patterns and bold colors. Encaustic tiles are exceptionally well known for providing these that can make an interior look beautifully vintage. These tiles were traditionally used in historic homes, so they are continued to be designed using traditional patterns and techniques, which makes them a well sought after retro-inspired tile that will blend in much in both period style and modern homes.

Retro Metal Tiles

Retro metal tiles offer superior durability and a modern aesthetic, but they are not used as much for interior design. They are well known for their ability to withstand the test of time both in look and functions. They provide a particular metallic look that can go well with specific retro designs.

There are some other types of retro tiles along with porcelain tiles, and many different patterns and textures actually give retro tiles a lot of variations.

Final Words

Retro tiles are becoming more popular nowadays due to their remarkable ability to give an elegant vintage look to homes. If you are looking forward to having a retro interior design, you should know about the types of retro tiles and choose from them wisely.

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