The Mental Health Benefits of Being a Pet Owner

Written By Alla Levin
March 09, 2021

The Mental Health Benefits of Being a Pet Owner

There are lots of great reasons to own a dog, and your own mental health might be one of them. Many studies have now shown that owning and caring for a pet has a hugely positive impact on our mental health. But what does that mean in specifics? What are the mental health benefits of being a pet owner? Read on now to find out more about all that.

They Provide Structure and Routine

Many people find that when they have a pet, they adopt a much better routine and structure to their days. Because no matter how much you just want to be lazy or lie in bed some days, that’s not something that’s always possible when you own a dog or any other kind of pet for that matter. That structure and routine can be really positive for your mental health.

They Can Reduce Your Anxiety

Many people find that the best thing about having a pet is how they help you to relax. Simple petting and playing with your Shichon or your Siamese cat or whatever pet you have can have a big impact on your mood. Studies have shown that these activities are calming and relaxing, reducing feelings of anxiety in the process. There’s now a lot of evidence to back this up.

Dogs Can Help You Meet New People

Reduce Your Anxiety

Having a dog can be a conversation starter and it can act as a great way to meet new people. Sure, that might sound like you’re using your dog and that you have ulterior motives, but there’s nothing wrong with meeting new people via your dog; it’s a nice side benefit. We all know how important meeting new people can be and how challenging it can be at times too.

Valuable Companionship

Having a dog by your side offers valuable companionship if nothing else, and that’s another thing that simply can’t be ignored. People who are often isolated or lonely find that having a pet with them all the time helps them to feel less alone. Dogs have always been great companions to humans, and that’s not something that’s going to change anytime soon.

They Improve Your General Health Too

It’s also been proven that owning a pet can have knock-on effects on your health in general. As well as the mental health benefits we’ve discussed, these can also lead to improved cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure. These are conditions that tend to be linked to high levels of stress, so it makes sense that research has uncovered these benefits for pet owners.

There are lots of mental health benefits that come with being a pet owner as you can see. And that’s just one of the great reasons why adopting a pet can be a good idea. Just make sure that you do your research and ensure you’re getting a pet for the right reasons and that you can cope with the responsibilities it involves.

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