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Top 10 Free Website Builder Software in 2021

Boasting about a website you’ve built with no-code is a weird flex. Cool, but pretty unnecessary. Website builders make it possible for even a child to design a website, albeit they know how to use a computer. Our point is, it’s very easy to use. And like the cherry on top of a cake, many website builders let you design and publish for free.

This is a huge advantage for small businesses and independent artists with low budgets, but the desire to get their name out. Often, you’ll find software that will deceive you with a free trial that will force you to buy the product for extended use. There’s none of that on this list. We’ve listed out the top free website builder software that is actually free.

WixTop 10 Free Website Builder Software

Wix lets you build an online presence like no other. You can pick a template and customize it to what you want. You can also add advanced features like a store, blog and optimize the site for search engines. The best part, you can do all this without spending a dime.

Wix’s templates are professionally designed to suit your business and appeal to your audience. Everything can be monitored through your mobile, helping you save time. And, to round it all off, Wix offers custom domain names and free and secure hosting.


Building a website is still a pretty vague concept for many. But that doesn’t matter. Weebly assists you step-by-step during the whole process and teaches you how to create a website. Its free website builder lets you customize your website how you want it and helps you get discovered. Editing can be done with an easy-to-use drag and drop tool.

Your website comes integrated with marketing tools that help you grow. Weebly also offers a complete e-commerce solution to grow your business. You can accept orders, track inventory, accept payments with Weebly’s shopping cart.


Site building, free domain name, and secure hosting – WordPress is the best website builder that offers all these for free. WordPress is the most used website builder. It has many professionally designed templates that eliminate the need for a designer. WordPress makes it possible to install just about any plug-in to your website. This lets you grow and adapt to the demands of the industry easily. There are built-in SEO and marketing tools that make finding and engaging with your audience a piece of cake.


“Join us for free, but also give us your credit card information.” Seems suspicious, doesn’t it? Thankfully, Webnode is a free website builder that does not do that.

Building a website on Webnode is as easy as playing with building blocks. You can move elements to get a feel of what fits where. Plus, you don’t need to be bound to your desk while doing it. Webnode lets you use your mobile or tablet to build your website. It also offers an exemplary level of support that you won’t find with other software.

Webnode is the perfect tool for customer communication. It lets you customize up to 100 unique mailboxes making you look like a big deal to your customers.


Getting your website running in 30 minutes? Seems impossible right? It’s actually not if you’re using Jimdo. You can customize a logo and create a unique store for your business in no time. Jimdo gives you a quiz and tailors a website based on that information. And of course, you can edit it after that.

You get to choose a custom domain name for completely no cost for the first year. You can also use one you already own on Jimdo. The best part, Jimdo will give you an HTTPS secure website and host it!

MozelloTop 10 Free Website Builder Software

Since there’s a website for everything, there comes the problem of making yours stand out. Mozello lets you create a high-performing website that will appeal to your users. It lets you create a responsive website that will work on any device. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t know even a line of code.

The best part about Mozello is that it lets you create websites in multiple languages. So you aren’t confined to an English-speaking audience. You can also transform your website into a store with Mozello. It lets you accept payments, customize shipping options, and gives your customers a satisfying shopping experience.


They say first impressions matter, and they do. If your customer visits a website that looks like it was built in the ’90s, odds are, they’ll hop off. To make them stay, the site needs to be appealing and tickle their curiosity. Strikingly templates accomplish that. Its editor doesn’t like to complicate things.

What’s more, you can add user-friendly elements like sign-up forms, blogs, media, and stores to your site. These elements will make users want to stay on your site. All websites will automatically get HTTPS, which is additional security for the site. This will increase your visitor count and also improve your SEO ranking.

Site123Top 10 Free Website Builder Software

Did you ever think you will be the designer and owner of your own website? (This question is to everyone but computer science majors.) That too, a free website? Site123 makes this possible.

This software has beautiful templates with which we can start. These templates can be customized to your liking with the easy drag-and-drop editing feature. To round it all off, websites built with Site123 are completely mobile-responsive. You don’t need to spend time or money on a separate site for different screens.

If you’re an e-commerce business, Site123 is perfect for you. You can transform any website into a shop with this tool and start selling globally!


Switching tabs gets annoying pretty fast. That’s why you need a tool like Elementor that lets you control all aspects of your website from one page. You can design your website from the frontend. This means you get to see what you’re doing as you’re doing it. No more wasting time on publishing the site to see your handy work.

Elementor integrates with almost all WordPress themes and plug-ins, so you can continue using your favorite tools. It also lets you design pop-ups that you so often see on e-commerce websites. This improves your users’ visual experience.

Free Website Builder Software: IM CreatorFree Website Builder

Have you ever played with LEGO bricks? You know how there are no rules and you can build whatever your heart desires? That’s exactly what building a website on IM Creator is like. This free website builder software provides you with many templates that you can start with. Combine this base with a bit of your creative skill and you’ve got the perfect website.

IM Creator also helps you with managing the SEO and traffic of your site. It gives you analytics so you don’t need to have a separate marketing budget. The best part, you can scale your website as big as you want as your business grows.

There you have it, you’ve heard from us about the best free website builder software. Now, it’s your turn to whip out your microscope to analyze what you’ve read. But, if you ask us, we recommend Wix or WordPress for stunning templates. For easy add-ons, Elementor is the obvious option.

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