Why Don’t Your Customers Like Your Website?

Written By Alla Levin
March 19, 2021

Why Don’t Customers Like Your Website?

It’s not easy running a website. The standards are high, and, of course, there’s plenty of competition. Unless your website is watertight in all aspects, then your visitors might not stick around long enough to see everything that you have to offer.

Or even if they do stick around once, they may not return in the future — and a website’s ultimate success or failure is dependent on visitors repeatedly visiting the site, not just visiting once. In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the common mistakes that website owners make. If you’re guilty of any of them, then you’ll know what you need to change!

They Can’t Remember the Name

It’s a wonder how we can all hold so many website names in our heads. Of course, Google makes it easier — you don’t even need to remember every part of the name. You can still get there with a search engine! Or, at least you can most of the time. If your website name is too complicated (or too short/long), then the visitor might struggle to remember any aspect of the name. Even if they loved your site, they wouldn’t be able to get back there!

It Looks OutdatedIt Looks Outdated

It used to be that you could have any old website design and be successful. Alas, that was in the 1990s and early 2000s. Today, websites look so good that having anything less than a great-looking site can cause problems. Among other things, the design of the site conveys trust. If you’re still building your reputation, then the design can function to tell visitors that you’re a legitimate website. While it can be tempting to design your website yourself, it’s best to work with a web design company. As we said, the standards of design are high, so only a professional team can do the job properly!

Annoying Features

People today aren’t as patient as they used to be. If there’s something that they don’t like about a website, then they’ll be pretty likely to hit the ‘x’ button. You have to offer something pretty special to get people to stick around! Some websites turn their customers away by having annoying features that web users simply don’t like. For example, if you have too many pop-ups, or there are autoplay videos with sound, then you can’t be too surprised if people are leaving. It can be tempting to have these things on your site, but think about the user experience — ultimately that should drive what’s on your site. 

Why Customers Like Your Website: Checkout DifficultiesCheckout Difficulties

It is difficult to make a sale online. After all, there’s a lot of competition. If you’re going to avoid the problems that follow checkout abandonment (which is highly common online), then it’s important that you’re making the checkout process as smooth as possible. The key is to reduce the amount of time and steps between selecting an item and paying for it. So take a look at your current process: is it as fast as it could be?

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