Top 5 Tips for a Business Trip to San Antonio

Written By Alla Levin
March 23, 2021

Top 5 Tips for a Business Trip to San Antonio

With its luxury hotels, fantastic cuisine, and a few of the most famous historical sights in Texas, San Antonio is a great place for a business trip. If you’ve been lucky enough to have been invited by your company, be sure to explore the city before you go. Most of the must-see attractions are conveniently located and not far from one another, so there’s no excuse not to fit in some sight-seeing. Convince your boss to take you out to try the local Tex-Mex, and don’t leave out the River Walk. Here a few tips for your business trip to San Antonio. 

Dress light with comfortable shoes

You’ll be in the heart of Texas so expect hot weather anytime between April and October. Dress in light layers and wear comfortable shoes. The best way to see the city is on foot. Be prepared to walk around in high temperatures. You don’t want to get hot and bothered by your business meetings as it will only make the trip more stressful. Here are some more tips for stress-free travel.

Walk along the river

San Antonio River Walk is a famous stretch that takes you past lovely restaurants and shops. The riverside paths are lined with majestic Cyprus trees, and you can stroll down them and soak in the history and ambiance of the place. There are also river cruises for a unique tour of the area. Stop in one of the restaurants and sample the many culinary delights San Antonio has to offer.

An evening trip to the Alamo

If you’re looking for awesome things to do in san antonio, visit the Alamo. It’s the most impressive of the seven historical missions and was home to one of the most famous US history battles. If you’re short on time, however, it’s better to go in the evening. The lines can get quite long during the day, especially in high season. This way, you can save time and avoid waiting ages in the heat. The Alamo and other missions are definitely worth a visit, so make time to fit them into your trip.

Opt for rideshares over cabs

Whereas you can get around on foot in San Antonio, rideshares are also a good option if you’re feeling tired after work or have limited time. San Antonio cabs are more expensive and harder to come by, so go on the apps and order rideshare instead.

Rent temporary coworking spaceRent temporary coworking space

If you’d like to get some quiet work done outside of your hotel room, you could rent coworking space. There are some great places in San Antonio that you can rent by the hour at very reasonable rates. This might be a good alternative to sitting in a coffee house, for example. You could even meet clients or colleagues there. This city is great for work and play. Even though you have to squeeze a bit of office time in, remember to make the most out of your trip to San Antonio.

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