What Materials Do I Choose for My Roof?

Written By Alla Levin
March 23, 2021

What Materials Do I Choose for My Roof?

The material chosen for a roof can depend on how much you want to spend, how bad the weather is where you live or work, and how long you want the roof to last before repairing or replacing it. Companies such as this Roofing Company In Lincoln, NE will be able to advise you professionally on this.

As a guide, this article will explore some of the most durable types of material used by roofing contractors on residential and commercial properties. When it comes to orlando roofers, don’t forget to consult Roof Top Services.

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt shingles are commonly used for roofing. They tend to be a preferred option because they represent a cost-effective solution for roofing that does not compromise a property’s protection. A 3-tab shingle roof will generally last between 20 and 22 years when installed correctly by a professional roofer.

Dimensional shingles will last even longer, and perhaps for between 25 and 28 years. So, they can be considered a good investment for a business or householder relative to the expense incurred.


Natural slate will last for over 100 years, so it can be considered one of the most resistant materials that can be used for roofing materials longevity and cladding. You must seek a professional roofing firm that will use a high-quality slate. When sourced this will out-perform the other materials under consideration by lasting a lifetime.

Slate is defined as a metamorphic rock. It is formed from shale or mudstone. It will normally contain clay or volcanic ash. As a material, it is unique because it does not require any cementation to bind its particles together.

It is perfect for those who like to use natural materials with a history. Aesthetically, it is pleasing to look at while also being durable for the purpose intended.

Clay or ConcreteWhat Materials Do I Choose for My Roof

As roofing materials, clay and concrete will outperform many of the other roofing materials available. However, out of the two, clay is the more durable. It will last for about 100 years, whereas the concrete tile will only last for between 30 and 50 years, half the amount of time.


A metal roofing tile is more expensive than an asphalt shingle but cheaper than its clay alternative in terms of cost. In terms of energy efficiency, they both have their advantages, but a  metal tile is thinner and will transfer more heat into a roof space than a concrete tile. This will not be desirable in hot climates. As you can see, multiple climatic factors are to be considered before any roofing installation. The wrong decision will cost you more in terms of safety and budget.

What Materials Do I Choose for My Roof: Wood Shake

Cedarwood shake will have a life expectancy of about 30 years, as long as it is properly installed and maintained. The difference between cedar products like cedar shakes and asphalt shingles is that shakes are split off while shingles will be smooth on both sides and cut in a tapered way.

In terms of thickness, shakes are the thickest of the two materials. In terms of durability, shakes will last the longest because of being thicker and made from premium-grade woods. In conclusion, all materials protect property from storms, and it just depends on how long you want a roof to last relative to its cost. If you are on a budget, then you should choose the best material you can for the money you can afford to spend.

For a business in an uncertain climate, you might prefer to sacrifice roof longevity in exchange for improving your immediate cash flow. If you see your property as an investment, it might be better to install the best roof you can as this will be more desirable when it comes to prospective buyers deciding on buying your house. A real estate agent would always recommend building a roof out of the materials that last the longest.

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