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Written By Alex Kudimov | CEO of Direct Line Development
April 18, 2021
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What Is a Domain Name Generator and Why You Need One

A domain name generator tool suggests available domain names for a website. Many people find it difficult to come up with a simple, relevant domain name. Entering keywords into a generator can make the process a lot smoother! You can enter various keywords or combinations of keywords relating to your niche and business until you find the perfect address on the web.

How Do I Choose the Best Domain?

You need to choose your domain name carefully. Since customers and prospects will have to type it in to reach your site, you need to pick a unique, memorable name that reflects your brand and business. The name should be short and easy to say and shouldn’t include hyphens or numbers. Your domain shouldn’t piggyback on the name of another business or infringe on a trademark. While this may seem like an easy way to get free traffic, it can make it difficult for other people to recognize your business. Even worse, it could cause you to get sued.

It’s a good idea to include relevant keywords in your domain. This boosts your SEO and helps you perform better on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. It also helps to ensure that readers know what to expect before they visit your site. When in doubt, choose something descriptive and concise rather than clever. A free domain name generator will assist you in finding an available name that’s professional and relevant to what your business does.

An important part of your domain is the extension. This is the suffix that goes at the end, such as .com or .edu. A .com domain is definitely the easiest to remember, and the one most businesses choose. However, you may want something different to help your business stand out more. Consider purchasing your domain name with multiple extensions to protect your company’s brand in the future and prevent other people from getting a site address that’s very close to yours. 

Using An Available Domain Name Generator

Domain name generators help you to think creatively about your site address. However, they aren’t perfect, and you may need to take some time to craft the perfect combination of words. By using Direct Line Development’s free domain name generator, you’ll be able to build brand awareness, boost your business’s reputation and credibility, and remain top of mind for customers.

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