Keep Your Big Rig Warm and Safe

Written By Alla Levin
December 30, 2019
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Keep Your Big Rig Warm and Safe

The winter weather is here, and it is time to start thinking about keeping your truck and yourself safe during the cold conditions.

While most semi-trucks are designed to be robust and last for hundreds of thousands of miles on the road, they require some care to be fully ready for the winter. If you want to keep your truck warm and safe this year, follow the suggestions below.

Keeping Your Truck Warm

One of the best ways to keep your semi-truck warm is to use a winter front. These insulated covers attach to the grill on your big rig. They help to keep the warmth inside the engine compartment and keep out ice and snow.

A winter front can make starting your engine easier and helps keep your engine’s warmth near the HVAC system. This means your cab will stay warmer.

Another good idea is to get an electric blanket, especially if you have a sleeper cab. If you are taking a nap or sleeping overnight, you want to ensure you stay nice and warm the whole time.

While you could run your heating, this can get expensive overnight. Additionally, truck heating tends to dry out the air seriously. An electric blanket is a great way to keep your bed warm while you sleep.

Staying Safe

With the winter comes shorter days and darker weather. That means that you will need your headlights to be in good condition.

Consider changing your headlights for new ones ready for the cold months. Remember that you need to buy headlights for your make and model. Peterbilt 389 headlights won’t fit a Freightliner, for example.

It is common to get stuck in the snow and ice during the winter, especially for over-the-road truckers who may stop overnight. For this reason, a car snow shovel should be considered for every journey at this time of year. Also, get some tire chains to help you get out of any problematic situation.

As an alternative, consider an Autosock. Consider using a fleet management solution to save some time on reporting and focus on solving the problem. This lightweight traction device is more accessible to store than chains and equally effective in most situations.

Of course, the most important thing you can do for safety in the winter is to change your driving style. Give a little extra space between you and the vehicle ahead. Additionally, try to keep your maneuvers as smooth as possible.

Keeping warm is another critical safety consideration. Warmth is about more than just comfort. If you are shivering away, you are more likely to get unfocused and distracted.

Finally, change your brake pads in time for the winter weather. The roads are slippery due to the conditions. There is no reason to worsen your stopping time by neglecting your brakes. Get servicing before your following significant route.

Get Started Today

Don’t forget to accessorize and service your truck ready for winter. The cold temperatures are already here. So, place your order for Freightliner Columbia headlights, a winter front, an electric blanket, and whatever else you may need today.

You’ll be glad you did when you are cruising along the winter roads feeling warm and safe big rig this year. It is well worth the time and effort.

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