How To Find Prospects on Clubhouse and What’s The Hype About It

Written By Jilian Woods| A Freelance Journalist And A Contributing Writer
April 26, 2021
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How To Find Prospects on Clubhouse and What’s The Hype About It

The advent of social media has forever changed the online communication universe, giving people many new ways to converse, share experiences, post videos, and text, and speak out. Each world-famous social media platform has something unique about it, attracting millions of users. Thus, for instance, Instagram conquered users’ hearts with the option of instant photo sharing and real-time experience posting, while the charm of Twitter is, in brief, insightful comments and powerful networking.

So, could anything fundamentally new happen in this universe? Clubhouse, a brand-new social media app released in 2020, proved that there’s always room for groundbreaking innovation (even if it’s nothing new).

What Is Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is an invite-only, audio-only app offering a conceptually new approach to organizing user communication online. Once a user is invited to the platform by one of the existing users, they can choose among many rooms, each of which has its owner acting as a moderator. The users can enter those rooms and listen to audio recordings posted by owners. Those interested in joining the conversation can raise their virtual hands; the owner can give them the right to speak.

The unusual approach taken by Clubhouse’s creators, Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth, seems to be the right commercial direction. The app has already attracted over 2 million users and exceeded $1 billion in capitalization. What’s more, the app conceals large-scale potential for businesses, able to boost their outreach and enhance customer loyalty. Let’s find out how it is done.

How Can It Be Used in B2B Marketing?B2B Marketing

One immediate gain of being on Clubhouse for anyone is – everybody is there (or wants to get there). So, you’re getting access to a massive audience of people and businesses with a wide variety of interests. This makes an essentially new, untapped territory for thought leadership, mentorship, and brand identity spread. Here is a snapshot of key B2B benefits of Clubhouse you might not have thought of.

Prospects on Clubhouse: User Engagement

Clubhouse is a brand-new creation that trends hot right now. Thus, everyone coming to this platform is doomed to attract other users’ attention, especially if they know how to do that. You, as a business owner or a B2B marketer, can set a firm ground for building business connections by being active in the rooms of businesses of interest to you. If you speak out and tell the right things and get noticed by your target clients, it will be much easier to approach the new clients with business offers.

Prospects on Clubhouse: Broad Outreach

Voice-only communication is socializing many people have already forgotten, so it can become an excellent platform for showcasing your business and gaining traction in this new space. Think of it as your unique competitive advantage – a new space in which you can build opinion leadership from zero. If you design communication with followers wisely and apply B2B principles effectively, you’re sure to grow the network of business contacts super-fast. The secret to success is different; an ability to surprise and inspire is a rare skill in the saturated social media space.

Impressive ConnectivityProspects on Clubhouse

Clubhouse has no limits or hierarchies, with every room open for entry and participation. It is the owner’s right to give you a word, but if you’re active and reasonable enough, you’re sure to expand your outreach quickly and productively. You can also build more significant B2B connections on Clubhouse by shifting from an ego-centric focus on your brand to an external focus on your potential clients and partners. Invite them to your room, give them a word, and engage in meaningful discussions to create sustainable connections.

Focus on a Conversation

At present, Clubhouse is strikingly innovative in terms of bringing the good-old spontaneous communication back to fashion. There is no pre-edited and groomed video/photo content that makes millions of Facebook and Instagram users sick. Clubhouse is all about talking – here and now – and this is the primary reason for its popularity. Use this “back to basics” approach to talk sincerely and openly to your existing and potential customers. By establishing trustful and meaningful connections, you’re sure to advance to a higher level of B2B customer loyalty.

Prospects on Clubhouse: Any Competitors?

The Clubhouse paradigm may seem relatively new, giving it a competitive advantage in the overcrowded social media space. But the truth is that this app is not exclusive, with an older counterpart, Spaces, launched in 2016 by Spaces works. The philosophy behind Spaces was to enable meaningful small-group sharing and communication around some topics. However, Clubhouse went one step further in designing a private yet open social space that many users have already fallen in love with.

What’s Next for a B2B Marketer?What's Next for a B2B Marketer

So, if your interest is B2B promotion and you’re seriously geared towards conquering Clubhouse, our advice is to master storytelling. With only the power of voice in your hands, you need to develop a strong rapport with your followers by delivering the content they need, answering the questions they have, and offering business value. Clubhouse is a platform in the making, with a realm of opportunities yet to be explored. So, grab the chance of establishing your brand on a new platform with low competition, tremendous outreach, and low dilution – a unique combination no other social media can boast.

Author Bio:

Jilian Woods is a freelance journalist and a contributing writer with more than 4 years of writing experience. Being a team member of the essay writer service at Grademiners, she sees her purpose in producing and sharing relevant content with people who are willing to expand their knowledge base and learn something new.

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