Building a Conscious Relationship with Your Partner

Written By Alla Levin
April 27, 2021

Building a Conscious Relationship with Your Partner

A conscious relationship is one that you create with purpose. If you can bring a level of awareness into the romantic relationship you have, this will only make you and your partner stronger together. A huge part of creating a conscious environment for your relationship to grow is working on yourself.

Having a relationship with yourself first will help create a solid foundation for your relationship to blossom. It will help create trust and allow both of you to understand each other on a spiritual level, creating a deeper bond.

It’s important to remember that for this bond to develop, both you and your significant other must work on these aspects together. You are a team, and you won’t be able to create a safe space without the support and input of your partner. As explained in The Truly Charming – actions speak louder than words and you should both be going out of the way to make each other happy.

If this is truly something that both of you want, make sure to put in the effort as one entity rather than two individuals. Here are three ways that you can build a more conscious relationship with your partner.

Know your true self

As mentioned before, you need to take some time to get to know who you are. Do you know what you need and want? What are your goals in life, and where are you falling short? Once you can understand these things about yourself, others won’t dictate how you should be. Knowing who you really are will allow you to communicate that perception of yourself to other people, including your partner. It will also make it easier for you to express what you need from your partner at different points in your relationship.

Learn about who you are beyond your job, title, ego, emotions, and thoughts. Spending some alone time with yourself will help you get to know who you are at your core and make things easier for you and your partner in the long run.

Develop emotional intelligence

If we don’t know our own emotions, we can’t communicate them to others. Not communicating your emotions and how you feel to your partner may make them feel like you are distant or disconnected from them, which could cause rifts between the two of you. At no point do you want to make someone you love and care about feel like you are not committed to the relationship at hand, and a large part of showing you care is managing your emotions?

By working on your emotional intelligence and gaining a deeper understanding of how you react in various situations will allow you to depict a more vulnerable side of yourself to your partner. This softness could also intensify the level of orgasmic energy between the two of you, as you may feel more connected to one another.

To develop your EQ, you need to spend some time sit with your feelings as they arise. It may not be the most comfortable thing to do at first, especially if you find yourself avoiding your emotions a lot. Use practices like meditation, journaling, and mindfulness to support you on this journey.

Conscious relationship with a partner: know and speak your boundaries

Identify what your boundaries are and make sure you can communicate them in a healthy and non-demanding way. Discussing boundaries with one another because ensures that you and your partner understand what you expect from one another within the relationship. It also creates a safe space for you to have more open conversations moving forward. There will be no animosity between the two of you.

Setting boundaries may not always be the easiest thing to discuss, however having difficult conversations now will only strengthen your relationship in the future. Relationships are all about creating harmony between two lives and if both of you are unable to communicate about the things that make you uncomfortable or what you’re unwilling to compromise on, you are setting yourself up for arguments in the future.

Even if it hurts your partner, you need to stand up for yourself and be true to how you feel. If there are certain things that you don’t like or boundaries that you don’t want to be crossed within your relationship, you need to be able to communicate them. Otherwise, your partner may unknowingly continue to hurt you, and this can cause problems.

All in all, the basis of building a conscious relationship lies within the two individuals involved. By fostering a relationship with yourself first and then developing a bond with your partner, you will be aware of the things you need to be happy and create a loving environment for a relationship to bloom. Having a partner is all about having a support system and working with one another to create magic, and to do that, you are needed to be stable enough to support yourself. Create this relationship with purpose and intent using the tips above and see how it grows into something long-lasting.

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