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In The Market For A New Car? Here’s How To Choose The Right One For You

When it comes to buying a new car, most people consider the price and the vehicle’s performance. However, there are several other things to consider, some of which are more significant, if you do not want to drive your car off the forecourt and instantly regret your decision.

Despite the billions of dollars pumped into the automobile industry every year, the perfect car will almost never exist. This is not because we do not have the technology or the skills – in terms of that, we are pretty much already there – but it is because every single person, family, and driver is unique. Everyone requires and desires something unique from their car. What is perfect for one person may be a nightmare for the next.

Here, we look at how you can go about choosing the right car for you and your family and needs.

What do your family and your lifestyle need from a car?

If you are a typical nuclear family – two adults, two kids, and a dog – then you are speed on the open road, the chances are you will not want a big seven-seater MPV. If you love heading out with the tents and fishing equipment on the weekend, then you might want to consider something with a big trunk space and that can cope with a bit of rough terrain. Click here to check out some that might be perfect for you. 

Consider what you will be doing in your car and who will be riding with you. Of course, your car will never be ideal for every occasion, but unless you are extremely rich and can afford a different car for each occasion, you should make sure that your car will accommodate the majority of your lifestyle choices and day-to-day events.

Does it fit in with your budget?buying a new car

A car is a significant investment. It is, for some, their second-largest cost after their house. Cost needs to be factored in somewhere. When it comes to budgeting, many people make the mistake of focusing solely on the purchase price, but this may turn out to be somewhat of a false economy.

It’s pointless to think about the initial purchasing price, decide it is within your budget, buy it, and then discover a few weeks later that it devours gas and you can’t afford to keep up with the running costs. It is the same for issues like the insurance policy on it. Review the ongoing costs before you spend a lot of money on a car to make sure it falls into your weekly or monthly budget.

How much are the running costs?

Following on from the previous point – the running costs need to be taken into consideration. Can you afford to have your car fixed if it breaks down after its warranty has expired? Parts for high-end vehicles can be prohibitively costly. You should also remember how convenient it is to repair your car and obtain replacement parts. Will you have to drive your car hundreds of miles to a specialist dealership, or can you get it fixed at your local garage? Will you have to wait weeks for parts to arrive from overseas?

Is it safe?

Some cars are always going to be safer than others. They all, of course, have to meet particular safety laws to be able to be sold, but while some vehicle manufacturers do everything they can to make their cars as safe as possible, others will do the minimum to get it out onto forecourts. Before buying a car, look at the safety and recall the history of the manufacturer.

What are the optional extras available?extras and modifications will increase your tax and insurance premiums

This is where you get to have some fun and really personalize your car. Some manufacturers or models are very basic. Others allow you to add all sorts of extras to be able to make it your own.  However, these come at a cost – and quite often a significant one. You need to decide how important some of these things are and whether they will fit in your budget. Do you really need those heated seats, or will regular seats be sufficient? It is also important to remember that some extras and modifications will increase your tax and insurance premiums, so bear that in mind before you go crazy.

Does it come with a warranty?

All cars should come with a warranty as normal, but check to see if extended warranties are available; obviously, the longer the warranty, the better. However, read the fine print and the terms and conditions carefully. For the warranty to remain valid, it will usually need to be serviced at a certain time or mileage.

Wear and tear on some components or functions is often not covered by certain warranties. It is also worth noting that if you purchase a dealer demo vehicle, the warranty might have already begun.

Take it for a test spin

When you think you have found the right car, you should take it for a test drive. In a perfect world, you would take four or five cars out and compare them to one another. When you finally drive it, you might be shocked by which one you prefer. It is also a good idea to check if things such as strollers and car seats will fit in.

On the face of it, buying a new car should be simple. You walk into a car salesroom, chat to the sales advisors, perhaps take a car for a quick spin and buy it, In reality, there is so much more to the process than that. By following the tips that we have shared above, you will minimize the chances of overspending on ac ar that is not suitable for you or your lifestyle.

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