Apartment Safety Measures For Renters And Landlords

Written By Alla Levin
May 11, 2021

Apartment Safety Measures For Renters And Landlords

Security should be a top priority for your apartment complex. Safety should also be implemented using a combination of residential and commercial security solutions. Typically, renters should take responsibility for their own place of residence being locked and secured. While property managers must make sure common areas such as stairwells and outdoor spaces are safe.

Firstly, one simple way to secure your apartment is by adding more locks. Most apartments come with a combination of two locks, typically a deadbolt and locking doorknob. However, upgrading or adding additional locks can bring increased security.

For example, a renter may want to add a swing lock or may get more technological and add a smart lock. Door jammers are also useful security for doors. They are also used to add more security to a sliding door to a patio or balcony. This handy tool prevents a door from being kicked in and essentially acts as a heavy-duty doorstop.

Despite all the precautions that can be taken, unfortunate events can still happen. This is why it’s a great investment to purchase renters insurance and it costs on average $15. This type of insurance covers personal belongings that could be damaged during a natural disaster or stolen during a  burglary.

For increased security, landlords use rent receipts to project more professionalism, create a record, and minimize rent payment disputes with tenants. These common areas should also have well-lit lighting during darker hours.

Property managers might also want to add personal security if the area is a larger complex. This could range from a part-time guard at night to having a full team that provides protection around the clock. Check out the resource below for more tips on safeguarding your apartment or rental property.

Apartment Safety Measures

Infographic created by KEYper Systems, a fleet key management provider

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