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TheWiSpy – Best Android Monitoring App with [20+ Features]

Android monitoring apps had a massive hit in recent years because people are concerned about their loved one’s security more than ever. As technology advanced, people now have more access to the internet. As beneficial as it sounds, there are life-threatening harms related to unrestricted internet usage.

Kids now have access to android phones, which results in parents’ stressful situations. That’s why android monitoring apps can be very effective for monitoring kid’s activity remotely. That’s why android monitoring apps on smartphones with GPS can be very effective for remotely monitoring kids’ location and activity.

What is android monitoring app?

Android monitoring apps are designed to track another target device remotely using the spyware application. Users can install the app on android devices and access all the device’s information with simple clicks.

Advanced features are added in the application that helps track and monitor mobile devices better without needing physical access to the target phone. Android monitoring apps have software that can be purchased, and without any stress, parents can monitor their kid’s activities on the internet.

Top best android monitoring appsTheWiSpy

Many tracking applications state they are the best android monitoring app. Still, a few applications can provide a user-friendly interface and all necessary features for spying purposes. As the technology advanced, there are now exceptional android monitoring apps available that have made monitoring easy. Here are the top 5 best android monitoring apps in the world.

  • TheWiSpy

TheWiSpy is an advanced android monitoring app famous for its reliability and quality spying features. It can monitor call logs, text messages, GPS, emails, applications, and many more mobile activities remotely. THEWISPY comes with detailed instructions and installation guidelines for users’ ease.

  • MSpy

Mspy is an android tracking app that helps people monitor android devices using the application. It has additional features that can offer ease for the user in tracking. It is a good app, but it lacks some features such as call recording and uncertain software purchase plans.

  • Spyzie

Spyzie is a monitoring app designed to track target android devices without any physical access. It offers regular tracking features such as text, call, GPS tracking, but it has a lengthy installation process that can be a naïve user.

  • iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor app was an IOS application first, but then it was introduced as an android application in later years. The primary purpose of this application is to keep an eye on kids via a monitoring application, but it lacks some essential features.

Among these top applications, TheWiSpy is the most popular and advanced app for monitoring. People choose TheWiSpy because it guarantees 100% results using cutting-edge technology to keep your kids secure.

How does TheWiSpy help monitor android phones remotely?

There comes a time in life when parents lose control over their children, but in today’s world, it is not safe to leave kids without keeping an eye on them. It can be scary out there; cyberbullying can result in life-threatening problems for the kids, and parents might not know about it. Unfortunately, it is impossible to stay by the kid’s side for monitoring. That is why TheWiSpy can help monitor your kid’s Android phone remotely and protect them from cyberbullying.

If you feel like your kid’s behavior is unusual or disturbed in any way, then instead of reacting in the wrong way, you can install TheWiSpy app on android devices. TheWiSpy will let the parents access all activities and applications of the target device. This will help them to monitor the android phone remotely.

Product descriptionBest Android Monitoring

TheWiSpy is the best android monitoring app that allows tracking another android device, smartphone, with consent. You can install TheWiSpy on any android device and enjoy advanced features with ease. In addition, TheWiSpy will let parents know the kid’s online activities on the target device such as calls, text messages, GPS, applications through TheWiSpy account.

  • User-friendly smartphone interface

TheWiSpy has a user-friendly smartphone interface where the application can be installed easily on any compatible Android device. In addition, the app will be accessible after providing account information.

  • Online website control panel

The online website control panel is accessible from any pc/smartphone browser where users can see account details.

  • Live location

After the software purchase user will track the live location of the target android device via emails or text.

More than 20+ spying features

TheWiSpy is the number one android monitoring app because it offers exceptionally advanced features that users can access. Every spying app has essential elements that make spying easier for the user, but with the help of TheWiSpy, spying has become more advanced and more accessible. Following are 20+ advanced features of TheWiSpy that will force you to purchase the app right away!

  • Call history tracking

The call history tracking feature lets users keep a detailed eye on each incoming and outgoing call history.

  • Phone book tracking

The phone book tracking feature helps parents track their kid’s smartphones; this allows them to follow the anonymous people calling their kids.

  • Monitor text messages

Monitor text messages allow the user to access all ongoing and outgoing text messages of the target device; in short, the user will have access to all chats of kids or employees.

  • GPS location tracking

This feature allows the user to keep track of the target device’s current location; the GPS location tracker will provide the live area of the kid via email or text message.

  • Live surround recording

Live surround recording feature allows to listen to live surrounded conversation of the target device through microphone remotely.

  • Monitor gallery

This feature gives the user access to the gallery of the target device, where they can view photos, videos, etc.

  • Remote access to the target device

TheWiSpy allows the user to remotely access all the applications and activities of the target device without any physical access.

  • Application tracking

This feature allows a user of the TheWiSpy app to access the installed application information on the target device. This includes application details as well as online activities on the applications.

  • Wi-Fi logs

This feature allows the user to monitor Wi-Fi logs from remote access.

  • Picture clicking spying

Picture clicking spying allows the user to click pictures remotely from the front and back camera.

  • Monitor calendar schedules

The Monitor calendar schedules feature users to access coming events, programs on the calendar to have a heads up of the kid’s activities.

  • Alerts

This feature allows the user to receive alerts as notifications of the digital activities of the target device.

  • Memo reminder spying

This feature allows users to access the exact date and time of the target device notes, memos, and schedule.

  • Voice message recording feature

The voice message recording feature allows the user to listen and record voice messages from the target device SMS chats.

  • Web browsing monitoring

Web browsing monitoring feature provides access to Google or other browsing websites and apps; this helps the user monitor web browsing history.

  • Block websites remotely

This advanced feature allows parents to block harmful websites remotely using TheWiSpy. In addition, access to applications provides authorization to block websites remotely.       


  • How to spy on an android phone?

Spying on the android phone was never this easy before; you can install TheWiSpy on your android smartphone, and with the user-friendly interface, you can easily spy on the target device.

  • How to spy on the android phone remotely?

Purchase and install TheWiSpy android monitoring app on your device and spy remotely using advanced spying features of the app.

  • How do I install a monitoring app on an android phone?

You can install TheWiSpy monitoring app on an android phone by following three easy steps:

  1. Purchase license from the TheWiSpy website
  2. Install TheWiSpy application on an android device
  3. Set up an account and use the application right away!

Concluding Thoughts

Parents are constantly worried about their kid’s ease of access to digital devices and the internet because that can lead them to harmful situations. Unfortunately, finding the best android monitoring app with all the necessary features is challenging. Still, with the help of TheWiSpy app, you can now easily monitor every online activity of your child.

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!


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