Looking To Invest in a Smart TV? Here Are Some Compelling Reasons Not To

Written By Alla Levin
May 17, 2021
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Looking To Invest in a Smart TV? Here Are Some Compelling Reasons Not To

Smart TVs seem to be the go-to choice these days because of all of the features they come with. For example, they can be connected to the internet. In addition, the integrated software allows people to access things such as Netflix, Spotify, and other online services, which opens up a lot of unique content that can be viewed from the comfort of your sofa.

Whether you’re looking for alternatives to cable TV or want a more connected experience that makes use of the other devices in your home, a smart TV can be a worthwhile purchase. However, it isn’t easy to justify an expensive smart TV purchase, especially after realizing much better alternatives out there. So here are a few compelling reasons why you shouldn’t get a smart TV.

Low-end smart TVs have awful interfaces

Perhaps one of the worst things about low-end smart TVs is that they have really awful interfaces. Menus are sluggish, they’re extremely underpowered, which causes lag, and it’s not uncommon for the remote to stop responding for seconds, which creates a terrible experience. So if you’re thinking of getting a low-end smart TV, we’d suggest avoiding it!

There are still many great-value TV packagesreat-value TV packages

It’s actually fairly common to find dish TV packages that still offer great quality and value. This is especially true if you still have a dish connected to your house and want to make use of it. In addition, it makes viewing a lot easier in many cases because it doesn’t rely on your internet connection, meaning you don’t need to be worried about monthly data caps or your connection cutting out.

Invest in a smart TV: You can buy a box or stick instead

A smart TV is essentially a regular TV with a Chromecast, Apple TV, or other box or stick solution attached to it. This means you can upgrade a TV to a smart TV for a relatively low price. In addition, it usually offers a much better experience since it’s a dedicated piece of hardware that you can attach to any HDMI input and transfer to another TV in the house if you wanted to.

Despite all this, many TVs are now considered smart TVs

Much like how the smartphone essentially took over the world, smart TVs are also ubiquitous now, and it’s rather difficult to find manufacturers offering a TV that doesn’t have some internet connectivity. For example, there are loads of TVs with Chromecast built-in, and even low-end television can have some internet functionality built into them. Sadly, many lower-end models aren’t perfect, and they often deliver a subpar viewing experience, meaning you still need to invest in a box or stick solution.

As such, if you’re looking to upgrade your TV, then you’re generally going to get something that does have smart functionality regardless. However, if you’re happy with your setup or would like to upgrade to something like a projector setup that doesn’t require a TV, then you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of good reasons to avoid a smart TV for now.

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