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How to Wear Perfume: The 5 Golden Rules

Wearing perfume is both an art and a science. Apply it the right way, and the scent will last all day. Apply it the wrong way, and you may turn people off with your overpowering fragrance. There are many ways to wear perfumes like Maison 21g perfume, but some are more effective than others. So what are the rules for wearing perfume? Here are five to follow.

Apply to Your Pulse Points

If you’re wearing perfume daily, make sure that you’re applying the scent to your pulse points. Your pulse points are where your veins are closest to the skin, making it easier to feel your pulse. These spots are also warmer than others, and that warmth acts as an excellent natural diffuser for your perfume. Just apply a small dab or spritz to these points for a longer-lasting fragrance.

Pulse points include:

  •         Inside of your wrists;
  •         Behind the ears;
  •         Below the belly button;
  •         Inner elbows;
  •         Behind the knees.

Feel free to spray one or all of these areas when applying your perfume.

Layer Scents

It can be a challenge to find a long-wearing perfume that truly lasts all day, but layering scents can help extend your fragrance for longer. For example, buying a strong perfume-like and layering it with a softer one throughout the day will make the scents stay longer.

Layering also creates a more complex scent and allows you to customize your fragrance truly. But if you’re going to follow this golden rule, make sure that you choose a simple, single-note fragrance. Avoid layering big fragrances because they already have layers of scents. If you must layer a big fragrance, choose a single-note musk or wood scent. The earthy undertones will complement most fragrances. Avoid layering anything too fruity or floral, as they can easily become too overpowering.

Don’t Rub into Your Skin

It’s tempting to rub perfume into your skin after applying it. After all, that’s probably how your mom taught you to wear perfume, and this is always how perfume is applied in movies. But fragrances are delicate. They shouldn’t be rubbed into the skin. Instead, they should be allowed to sit on your skin to blend with your natural oils.

What’s special about perfumes is that they smell a little different on everyone. It’s how the fragrances mix with your body’s oils that create the unique variation in the scent. To maximize this effect, avoid rubbing the perfume onto your skin and allow it to be absorbed. Not only will the scent be stronger, but it will also save you an extra step before heading out the door.

Spray Your Clothes

Want to make your perfume lasts? Try spraying it on your clothes, too. This is a great rule for wearing perfume in summer because fragrance tends to taper off quicker than usual in the heat. If you’re going to spray perfume on your clothes, make sure that it will not stain the fabric.

Keep in mind that perfume interacts with fabrics differently than it interacts with your skin. So it may be lighter or smell slightly different. Try spraying your perfume into the air and waving your clothes through it, or spritz the inside of your coat to catch a whiff of your favorite scent while you’re out and about.

Choose Your Scent Based on Where You’re GoingChoose Your Scent Based on Where You’re Going

Some perfumes are heavier or stronger than others, so it’s important to consider where you’ll be wearing them before applying them. For example, you should avoid wearing strong perfume at work, as the overpowering scent may bother your co-workers. Some people are also allergic to perfumes, so keep this in mind. Try wearing lighter fragrances and go easy on the application if you’re going to work. If you’re headed out on a date, you may want to go with a stronger, more intoxicating fragrance.

Bonus: Try Walking into a Cloud of Fragrance

If you want to feel immersed in your perfume and apply it to both your skin and your clothes, try spritzing your fragrance into the air and walking through it. The great thing about taking this approach is that the scent is diffused all over instead of concentrating on a few key areas of your body.

Just make sure that the perfume is non-toxic. You don’t want to inhale fragrances that may contain toxic ingredients directly. Use these tips to wear your fragrance properly and enjoy it. Remember not to overdo it and to avoid rubbing your perfume into your skin for best results.

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