First Impressions Count: Make The Front Of Your Business Shine

Written By Alla Levin
June 01, 2021

First Impressions Count: Make The Front Of Your Business Shine

While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, it’s no secret that the outside of your business can leave a lasting impression. A business that’s dark and uninviting is unlikely to attract anyone over the threshold, but one that is well-dressed and attractive could pique the interest of passersby. If you want to make the right impression for your business, you need to work on its exterior. Here are some tips for making the front of your business shine. 

Impress with your signage

Signage can make all the difference to the front of your business. Having clear signage lets people know who you are, and gives some insight into what your business is all about. There are some innovative signage ideas that can give you some inspiration for your own signage. 

Your business signage should also represent your brand. If you don’t have an established brand for your business, then it’s time to look at branding your business to help make sure your business is recognizable to customers.

First Impressions Count: Make Facilities Presentable

A well-maintained entrance makes a great first impression. But while a lot of businesses pay attention to the inside of their properties, it becomes easy to neglect the outside. Keeping it clear and neat is one way to maintain your exterior, and you could also consider adding flower arrangements and plants to add some interest.

You’ll also need to carry out regular work to ensure your business is safe, secure, and accessible. Hiring parking lot maintenance services from South Central Sealing and Paving can restore your damaged parking lot, ensuring customers can park with ease. Carry out regular checks to make sure your business’ exterior is how it should be.

Have someone present at the entrance

Having a presence at the entrance of your business can help people see that you’re open and ready to meet them, encouraging them in. Having someone there to say hello can make a big difference, giving a warm and welcoming first impression. If you’re looking for ways to improve your customer service, then having a more visible presence can help. 

Consider a gimmick 

If you really want to make a lasting first impression, then a gimmick could be just what your business needs at its front door. From photo opportunities to having characters and mascots placed outside, there are a lot of ways you can make a splash. Get creative and think of an idea that will get people talking, helping to secure great word of mouth for your business. 

Investing in improving the front of your business can have produced a great ROI. Not only will it help people find you easily, but it’s a good way to encourage passing trade to help people discover you for the first time. From a well-maintained exterior to signage that makes a splash, you can find some great ways to make the front of your business shine.

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