5 Must Listen Podcasts For Aspiring Entreprenuers

Written By Alla Levin
June 03, 2021

Must-Listen Podcasts For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Every year, many creative and driven people start up their own businesses. If you’re embarking on this journey, it can help to find some support resources. These podcasts are all excellent sources of inspiration and advice.

Startup Stories-Mixenergy

Famous entrepreneur Andrew Warner is the face behind Start-Up Stories. According to Running Remote, ‘Andrew Warner was one of the pioneers of the internet startup scene — starting online in 1997 and growing his business into a multi-million dollar venture.’

Andrew discusses the road to starting a business throughout these podcast episodes and interviews plenty of interesting guests. Recent guests on the podcast have included Paul English, founder of the online travel agency Kayak. For plenty of motivation, Start Up Stories is the place to be.

Entrepreneur On Fire

John Lee Dumas is the host of this awesome podcast. The show is hugely popular, with thousands of episodes and millions of listeners. John’s book The Common Path To Uncommon Success was written to help people achieve fulfillment and financial freedom. Throughout the show, John explores themes like ‘How To Make Your Funnel Convert Higher’ and ‘Creating A High-Profit Course.’ With so many business topics on offer, Entrepreneur On Fire is the place to be for aspiring business leaders.

Mom Biz Solutions

Laura Galloway is ‘The Mom Biz Coach’; she’s been coaching female entrepreneurs for many years. This podcast is an amazing resource for aspiring mompreneurs (or anyone who wants to run their own biz!)! Laura delves into themes like ‘How Motherhood Prepares You For Business Ownership’ and ‘Setting Realistic Expectations for yourself. Mom Biz Solutions has so much wisdom to offer, and it’s the perfect tool to learn. Navigating the business world can be a little daunting. With the help of this podcast, you’ll get some great support. 

Being Boss

Emily Thompson is here to teach you the tactics, habits, and mindsets of entrepreneurship. If you need help channel your creative ambitions, these tips will help you get focused and make things happen. Want to make money by doing something you love? Emily wants to show you that it’s certainly possible. A few cool topics explored included:

  • How to shift your mindset and challenge your doubts;
  • Building creative systems and project management tips;
  • Creating a life that supports your company.

Emily has plenty of insights to share; each week, she is joined by a new guest to share their entrepreneurial story. Whether you’re looking to learn about business finances, or marketing, there’s plenty of useful info.

Podcasts for entrepreneurs: alternative options

Some people prefer to run a franchise instead of starting a business from scratch. There are plenty of advantages to doing so. When you buy a franchise, you’ve got a pre-made brand, support, marketing, and loyal customers. You can access all these benefits and still be your own boss. For a great place to begin researching, take a look at the Best Senior Care Franchise. There are many options available in various industries, so you can focus on something you’re passionate about.

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