Brilliant Essay Writing Strategies to Help You Succeed in the New Business Age

Written By Alla Levin
June 04, 2021
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Brilliant Essay Writing Strategies to Help You Succeed in the New Age

The greatest essay writers aren’t gifted. They acquire the talent over time. The saying, “practice makes it perfect,” isn’t untrue, and the best of the best abide by this saying. Sometimes, though, you don’t have the time to write a dozen essays before perfecting one.

Whether you’re looking for essay writing strategies or completely free essays online to get that A+ grade you’ve been aiming for in college but can’t get to it, or you’re working as a freelancer, and your client has high expectations; whatever it is, tips come in handy. Here are a few to get you off the ground when it comes to essays that’s a page-turner for the reader:

Understand the Topic

Essay writing is an evaluation of how well you’ve understood the topic on hand and then your ability to respond to it and provide an argument or answer based on your understanding.

A vague or opposite understanding of the question or topic at hand is what could throw you off the entire essay at the very start. It would help if you got into the gist of what is being asked before moving on to anything else. Highlight the keywords, and let’s not forget that the internet is a world of possibilities; you can better understand the question with its help.

Schedule Your Time

Essays, among other things, are a test of time management. Many amateurs make the mistake of spending too much time researching and having very little left for the write-up. Others may fall for procrastination and end up having to submit a below-par essay hurriedly. To avoid falling for these errors, make a schedule before you get to work.

Commit to these deadlines and avoid distractions in between that set you off your work, and you’ll get your essay finished in time without overloading yourself at the last possible minute. Plus, you can download an app that gets you abiding by your scheduled durations.

Look For Other Reading Materials

Essay Writing Strategies

Your understanding of the topic should never be limited to the assigned readings; rather, research your own. When it comes to research, the internet is full of academic material that can help you out in the process. Don’t rely on websites like Wikipedia. Instead, use Google Scholar and search for keywords.

Luckily, there’s no limit to the reading material found on the internet in this technological era. Read through the abstracts and find relevant material. These will even assist in citing resources later on when you’re writing the actual thing.

Make a Brainstorming Map

Brainstorming maps are the key to any great work of writing. Brainstorming, in simple words, is the art of generating ideas and summarizing them in on a single sheet of paper, or shall we say mobile notepad. You can do this by making mindmaps or writing short sentences to give you an idea of what you’re planning to explain in the essay.

Some people go for the “5 W’s 1 H” method to answer their essay’s question comprehensibly. This way, you’ll have a summarized map to guide you on everything you need to include in the essay, and you won’t be forgetting ideas mid-essay.

Intro Comes Second

Yes, we’ve heard of the famous introduction, body, conclusion pattern. But, what if we tell you it’s not how it’s supposed to be. The thing is, an intro gives an overview of your whole essay. If you’re writing it at the start, you may miss out on crucial details or add unnecessary information. So, deter from the misconception that intro always comes first because it doesn’t have to be that way. Writing the body and then the intro will provide an extended understanding of what belongs in the intro.

Focus on the Structure

Make a Brainstorming Map

A disassembled essay is the last thing you’d want in an essay. Even if your understanding and answers are solid, without a proper structure, they’re useless when a reader can’t make sense of one paragraph from the previous. Ensuring that the essay answers only the question asked and has a smooth flow from the start to the end is necessary. You can’t have a paragraph in the middle that has no connection to the answer. Not only will it end up with an unorganized piece of work, but it’ll leave the reader as confused as ever.

Keep an Eye on the Vocabulary

We’re all fans of the common English and slang words when it comes to everyday use. Unfortunately, they don’t belong in essays. One of the key essay writing strategies is to strictly use an academic writing style, which means no slang language. You can’t replace ‘have to’ with ‘gotta’ in essays, or else you’re landing yourself in trouble. If you’re new to the academic language, read other academic works and get yourself acquainted with what you can and cannot use in an essay.

Don’t Leave Out Formatting

Essay writing requires a certain format. It’s not your Instagram caption or an informal letter that you can write in whatever manner you want without obsessing over the format style. In essay writing, you’ll need to write concise, clear sentences. The paragraphs should not be too long, but neither should they be too short. 150-200 words for each paragraph is a good rule of thumb.

Remember, readers aren’t interested in sentences or paragraphs that hang on forever. Besides that, the citations should be of utmost importance. Never forget to cite the sources from where you’re using the material. Apply the required formatting style if asked for in the instructions. The good thing is numerous websites can help cite the sources and even format your entire essay nowadays!

Edit to Your FullestEssay writing strategies

With the deadlines closing in, many essay writers overlook or underestimate the most crucial part of any essay, the final editing. A closer look and editing will help correct any mistakes you may not have noticed when working at full speed. Also, you’ll save yourself from embarrassing errors that the instructor may point out when grading.

Think of editing as the presentation of a meal or the final touches that pack in the punch. To ensure you don’t miss anything, have a friend or a professional look at your work before submission. You won’t have to look far and wide either; with technology at your tips, many websites and professionals will be able to help you right away.

Essay writing strategies: Conclusion

With great essay writing comes great responsibility. Even if you’re new to the essay writing game, these tricks will get you to the professionals’ level in no time. If you still lack here and there, consider hiring a professional essay writer or someone who can point out the mistakes and advise on improvements. Luckily, there are tons of internet facilities and options that will help you out in this new age of business, so don’t forget to take a look at those too! Check essay writing services in the U.S  from reviews.

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