5 Tips To Nail Your Next Escape Room

Written By Alla Levin
June 15, 2021

5 Tips To Nail Your Next Escape Room

The pandemic has made escape rooms even more popular. Many families had seized the opportunity to dive into the escape room frenzy when companies offered virtual games. Avatar-led games (in which players connect to the gamemaster/avatar via Zoom and direct them into the room) have been hugely popular in the U.S.

For many, it’s been a new experience of fun, mental stimulation, and emotional engagement. As more and more people are receiving their COVID-19 vaccine, escape room businesses are starting to reopen their doors to visitors. Is this your first time in a physical room? Experts and enthusiasts are sharing their best tips for success! 

Communication is crucial

A lot of players fail to escape within 60 minutes because they don’t act as a team. Indeed, communication is vital to your success. It’s easy to give in to the pressure in a timed environment. Faced with challenges that can be confusing or complex, your team could fall into the traps of stress-based communication. Angry outbursts, ignoring each other, and working on puzzles alone are some of the most costly mistakes inside a room.

Communication is one of the most important lessons learned through experience during every life journey. Remember to treat people as you’d like to be treated. Respect, attention, and listening to each other are essential in every life path. But they are at the core of a winning escape room team. 

Develop your searching skills

You’d be surprised how often teams miss vital clues or items through lack of observation. In a room, you need to turn up the dial on your power of observation. Take in your surroundings as you enter. Some things will be obvious clues that can be used immediately, while others may only come in handy later in the game. 

Be organized!

Organization can save your team in an escape room. An organized mindset is an everyday skill you can develop gradually. Ideally, you want to hold various information in your mind simultaneously and without getting confused or forgetting anything. When you play in a team of 2 or 3, it’s easy to keep track of everything. In larger teams, you want to appoint someone like the team’s coordinator. Their role is to stay organized to keep track of codes, clues, items, and puzzles. 

Don’t be afraid of asking for clues

Some teams want to succeed by themselves. However, your gamemaster is there to help you. Understandably, you want to escape. But sometimes, it’s best to ask for a clue rather than get stuck with a puzzle. The game operator acts as an assistant outside the room. They can initiate the clueing system if they feel you are heading in the wrong direction. Alternatively, they can also provide clues on demand. 

Don’t overthink it

Escape rooms have a logical flow that keeps the room together. In other words, if you find yourself stumbling on something that doesn’t make sense, it’s worth thinking about the designer’s intentions. You could be approaching the puzzle in the wrong way, or perhaps now’s not the right time to solve it. Seek the logic behind the narrative to progress in the room. 

Are you ready to tackle your first post-pandemic escape room? Hopefully, these tips will see you tackling the challenge with flying colors! 

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