Why Do People Like Escape Rooms?

Written By Alla Levin
May 04, 2021

Why Do People Like Escape Rooms?

Sports and intellectual forms of entertainment are gaining popularity among supporters of active recreation every year. And the most popular of them are quests ― so-called escape rooms. In 2020, TripAdvisor the Travelers’ Choice prize was awarded to the best escape room in Edmonton ― Escape Hour. Amusing and breathtaking games in immersive escape locations and VR would get you deep into the funnel of emotions.

Each quest allows you to live out a short and very vivid story that you are unlikely to encounter in reality. Exceptional decorations, screens, and interactive mechanical parts ― all are equipped with unique visual and sound effects for a complete immersion in the game atmosphere. Escape Hour will make you dive into the game with your head.

So Why Do People like Quests So Much, And What Makes the Escape Rooms So Special?

Firstly, it’s entertaining. If you carefully listen to the legend before entering the room, read all the tips and tasks, try to catch the whole plot outline while looking for a way out, then you can’t help but like it. Even masks and sanitizers are inscribed in the plot to ensure complete safety and keep the game mood.

Secondly, it is an excellent simulator that boosts your logic and operational decision-making skills. If you have ever played chess, solved riddles and puzzles before, all this knowledge may come in handy when you need to unravel a cipher or a code. To find your way out of the room, you will need to explore the entire space, search, watch, listen, and find the clues hidden there. You won’t have time to get bored. Think and Act!

Thirdly, it gives you new emotions. When you get tired of the monotonous life rhythm and want to recharge your batteries, the escape room is one of the ways to clear your head from the boring routine. Mix liquids, drag boxes, pull out keys with magnets, search trash buckets or mannequin pockets, hide from security guards who suddenly appear, run away from stalkers, get rid of handcuffs while keeping an eye on the time that you are running out of.

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