Why Are Cyber Attacks So Common?

Written By Alla Levin
June 16, 2021

Why Are Cyber Attacks So Common?

A cyberattack can occur against targets of a different magnitude (e.g., countries, government institutions, and even privately-owned organizations). In addition, it can manifest itself in various forms of harm, such as a Trojan horse or phishing email.  This will lead to theft of business information, damage to the company’s image, or stolen customer information. In addition, they may try to disable a website or prevent activity by disabling various systems.

However, the bottom line is that the only common factor between all cyberattacks is that they want to cause damage. The ability to recover from a cyberattack depends on the level of protection taken before the impact, the backups created, and more. Without the necessary security in place, there is a big problem. 

How do you protect against cyberattacks?

As in almost every area of our lives, the best way to survive cyberattacks is to reduce the chances of being hit by one. The big challenge is to diagnose the breaches that exist at all different levels of the organization.

An organization with an internal information system that also operates a site may be exposed to dangers. The larger an organization, multi-worker, simplified, and employs more means, the harder it is to control and secure it. Proper protection against cyberattacks will always begin with analyzing the activity. First, you must identify the organization’s weaknesses. Then, you must consider hiring the top companies locally to take care of your security and manage your systems. You may want to look at the masters in cyber security online to ensure you are fully covered. 

Why are they so common? Why Are Cyber Attacks So Common

Cyber-attacks have become more common as technology has advanced. Hackers appreciate that a lot of valuable information is stored on computers. This includes bank details and addresses. When they have access to this information, they can use it to their advantage. Also, hacking events are becoming easier. If a company doesn’t have the appropriate security, it is much more simple. This is why, now more than ever, it’s vital to have precautions in place. 

A 2018 report by the technology company Varonis states that the level of security in more than half of U.S. organizations allows their information to be hacked at any given time; In 41% of the companies examined, it was found that more than 1,000 sensitive files could easily be accessed, which could have fallen into the hands of unwanted parties.  So what can we do about it? Other than hiring a professional team to secure you, it’s also vital to teach your employees. When your staff is educated on the matter, it makes life easier.

They must be aware that strange emails could appear in their inbox. Perhaps there are unusual calls on their phone.  One of the common guidelines for employees in organizations is not to open files from unfamiliar sources. However, it turns out and organizations are still vulnerable to cyber vulnerabilities even if employees have maintained this provision.

Maintaining the website should also be done by a third party. This will ensure that the website is also safe from any attacks. This is particularly important if you run an eCommerce site. Your employees must always be aware. These attacks can happen at any time, often in plain sight.

Why are cyber attacks common: getting ahead of the game 

Cyberattacks may occur first thing in the morning or during lunch hour.  However, during these hours, your staff are more likely to be able to thwart an attempt. They can also report the problem. After working hours, this is when the company becomes most vulnerable. Nobody is available to respond to the issue.

Many organizations, which do not employ 24/7 information security experts, usually address the security issue only after the injury. This is a complicated situation because, by this point, the damage has been done. The information has been stolen. People will most likely see your company much differently. You are even likely to lose customers. You must seek to find a solution that works. Investing in cybersecurity is important and should be considered. 

In conclusion, cyberattacks can disable websites and damage the information system. Furthermore, they can cause the collapse of the organizational computing system and impair the organization’s image. A comprehensive and detailed characterization of security experts to diagnose the failure points in your organization can serve as a promising basis for protecting against such an attack. The future of your company is in your hands, but you must act to protect it. 

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