Why Choose Reusable Coffee Pods?      

Written By Alla Levin
June 30, 2021
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Why Choose Reusable Coffee Pods?

If you are a coffee lover but also want to play your part in the conservation of the earth, there are some eco-friendly products made just for you.  Most coffee pods are made up of aluminum and end up in landfills, sitting there and never degrading. Recycling aluminum is an intensive process and needs an incredible amount of power.

There is one great solution that you can adopt to avoid this wastage and help the environment: 100% reusable coffee pods. Off the bat, these pods are budget-friendly and allow you to mix and match your coffee beans.

For picking the right coffee pod for you, there are three things to take into consideration. They are sustainability of the pod and its impact on the environment, the intensity of the brew that can be made, and convenience. Here are the details of why you must get your hands on these eco-friendly pods and what to look out for.

Usable in All Machines

Most brands will offer different-sized coffee pods according to the machine you have. Finding and matching this to your liking will be extremely easy. So, you don’t need just one specific type of coffee machine. Most pods cater to a variety of machines.

Same Coffee HighWhy Choose Reusable Coffee Pods

There’s a common misconception that using reusable coffee pods can hamper the effect or taste of your brew. This is not true at all. If anything, the taste is retained and enhanced.

Customize Your Brews

Since this type of coffee pod has to be filled for every use, it allows you the freedom to fill them up with your preferred ground coffee. You can experiment and mix one or more brews with this.

If you’re not a coffee pod user and want more flexibility to your daily cup of Joe, this should give you enough reason to switch to this right now. It is more eco-friendly than a regular coffee maker because you won’t use and throw those filters. You also save so much money when you switch to buying only coffee beans rather than pre-packaged coffee capsules.

How Long Do They Last

The lifespan of your coffee pod depends on the type of pod you have and the coffee machine you are using. Zero-waste, silicon, or biodegradable lids can be used an infinite number of times due to their durability and structure, making them eco-friendly and reusable.

Save More

Throwaway pods cost a fortune and negatively impact the environment. With reusable pods, you only need to purchase the coffee beans needed to make coffee. Through this method, you would pretty much be saving money per brew!

Choose Reusable Coffee Pods: Drastic Environmental Impact

Imagine 365 coffee capsules ending up in the ocean, in landfills, or washing up on beaches. It’s not a pretty sight and is irreversible. You can play a part in not letting this become a reality by switching to reusable coffee pods. You can have waste-free coffee and even use the coffee grinds as compost in your garden.

These coffee pods do not require plastic at all. Even the recycling process requires much less energy. During recycling, they don’t emit harmful chemicals and pollutants such as methane.

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