3 Symptoms of Addiction That Show It Is Time To Seek Help

Written By James Roth
July 02, 2021

3 Symptoms of Addiction That Show It Is Time To Seek Help From an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

About 20 million Americans today need professional treatment for a problem related to drugs or alcohol, but less than 1% of those people actually receive treatment. It’s not that difficult to see why. Enrolling in a treatment program for an alcohol or drug addiction is not an easy decision to make for you or someone you hold dear. Regardless, it’s a critical step in recovery if you really want to change your life to one of sobriety.

Recognizing the symptoms of addiction is a crucial step towards seeking help from an alcohol addiction treatment program, and many individuals may wonder, “How much is rehab for alcohol?” Understanding the signs and knowing when to seek assistance is vital for those battling addiction, as it can lead to a healthier and more fulfilling life in the long run.

But how do you know if you’re addicted to a particular substance and if you need professional intervention? What are some of the signs your substance use may have gotten out of control? Here’s a detailed breakdown of 3 telltale signs that you require professional alcohol addiction treatment. Learn more here on what is an alcohol addiction treatment.

Recognize if or Not You’re Suffering From an Addiction

Recognizing an addiction problem in someone you hold dear can be more complex than it seems, much less yourself. First, you need to make sure you’re not really suffering from a drug dependence but an actual addiction.

Dependence is often characterized by tolerance and withdrawal symptoms. You can have a dependence on a substance without being addicted to it. However, in many cases, addiction is not so far away. On the other hand, addiction is marked by behavioral changes triggered by biochemical changes in the brain. For instance, an addict may show erratic behaviors when they don’t have the substance they’re addicted to in their bodies.

Suppose you depend on alcohol to power through your day and find yourself showing specific symptoms such as hand tremors or emotional instability without drinking. In that case, you might need to seek professional help.

Struggling To Quit on Your OwnAlcohol Addiction Treatment Program

If you’ve recognized your addiction but are unable to put a stop to the habit, then you should consider finding help from outside sources. First, you need to find an alcohol treatment facility to help you quit substance use and avoid relapse.

The truth is withdrawal symptoms are hard to deal with, and health experts advise against doing it alone. Some symptoms can be highly severe and can put your health and life at risk.  The good news is that alcohol treatment centers have the tools and trained experts who have the necessary expertise to help patients go through the detox phase successfully.

You’re Causing Harm to Yourself and Those Around You

A sure sign that you need to get specialized treatment is if your addiction is causing harm to you and those who care about you. Risky behavior from your alcohol use can cause injury to you and others through certain activities, such as engaging in activities you would otherwise not try when sober or drunk driving.

But hurting yourself is much more than what you do to your body while intoxicated or dealing with withdrawals. It could be the money you take away from your family to fund your addiction or the liver cirrhosis you’re risking.

An Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Can Help

If going by a single day without alcohol is something your body finds difficult, then it’s time you get professional help. Knowing that you can’t go by without your next drink is a serious sign that should not be ignored.

Don’t wait for an accident to happen for you to realize the dangers you’re posing to yourself and those around you. Instead, get professional help early enough from a good alcohol addiction treatment center that you can help make a positive change in your life.

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