What Is Telepsychiatry
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Most things are made easier thanks to modern technology, including visits to your psychiatrist. You can avoid the stress of traveling by scheduling a telepsychiatry appointment, which allows you to receive a psychiatric evaluation in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

What Is Telepsychiatry For Your Psychiatric Evaluation: What is telepsychiatry?

As a cutting-edge method of providing healthcare, telepsychiatry integrates telemedicine with psychiatry. Psychiatric evaluation and therapy is provided through telecommunications technology, typically video conferencing. It is a patient-centered approach with a focus on providing psychiatric care.

How does telepsychiatry work? 

Trained psychiatrists lead telepsychiatry. They are licensed physicians who can evaluate your mental health, recommend treatment, manage your therapy, and write prescriptions. With telepsychiatry, work with your psychiatrist remotely by phone or computer.

What can you expect from a telepsychiatry appointment?What Is Telepsychiatry

As with an in-person consultation, you should plan and prepare before speaking with your psychiatrist. Bring a list of the topics you want to cover in the session, any pertinent information, medical and family history, and any medications you are taking.

A psychiatrist practicing telepsychiatry can make diagnoses, develop and carry out treatment programs, and, if necessary, refer you to other specialists. Your telepsychiatry appointment is always discreet and private.

What are the benefits of telepsychiatry?

Several telepsychiatry benefits help different types of people in maintaining and tracking their mental health.


Psychiatric services offered online facilitate greater access to mental health professionals when finding a psychiatrist near you is difficult. People who suffer from chronic illnesses or impairments may find this to be highly beneficial.

Less travel time

It is a convenient way to get into psychiatry without stressing about making a long drive or having to leave work early. Telepsychiatry makes appointment scheduling more flexible, and it suits those who do not have access to transport.

Continuity of care

In most cases, telepsychiatry is comparable to in-person treatment. However, it also lessens the frequency of emergency room visits, minimizes delays in getting care, and improves follow-up due to the convenience of digital communication.

Reduced fear

The ability to video call from home ensures you are in a secure setting or at least gives you the option of where the session will take place. This is especially advantageous for people who are socially withdrawn or experience fear when leaving the house.

It can be a safer option

Being around sick people while waiting in a doctor’s office increases your risk of contracting infectious and airborne diseases. You can be particularly susceptible to this exposure if you’re pregnant, have a chronic ailment, or have a weakened immune system.

In which cases is telepsychiatry preferable to in-person care?

In some instances, telepsychiatry is a better option than in-person sessions because of the barriers that remote therapy can surmount.

Physical limitations

Access to mental health resources is ideal when getting to health care appointments can be challenging and even impossible for people with disabilities. Telepsychiatry is also better when affordable and accessible parking at hospitals is limited, or public transport isn’t within reach.

Geographical obstacles

Telepsychiatry provides specialized mental health care that may not otherwise be accessible, particularly in remote locations or areas where psychiatric facilities are unavailable.

Severe anxiety disorders and phobias

Telepsychiatry can be a lifeline for people who need to continue receiving treatment but suffer from agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, or other related disorders that keep them away from public areas. If a person must travel a great distance or they encounter any difficulties leaving home, they may not seek treatment at all.

Follow-ups, prescription refills, and monitoring

It takes time to get to the doctor’s office, wait, or your appointment is rescheduled, and treatment is delayed. Telepsychiatry is convenient for follow-up appointments or catch-ups to review results and refill or adjust a prescription.

What Is Telepsychiatry: During pandemics

The recent COVID-19 pandemic showed how important it is to look after your mental health in times when lockdowns and social isolation are enforced. Telepsychiatry takes away the angst of being disconnected from your mental health therapist in cases of a national or global pandemic.

What should you consider when choosing telepsychiatry services for evaluation?

When contemplating telepsychiatry services, there are a few factors to consider to ensure you get the proper treatment with the right psychiatrist:

  • If you are currently seeing a therapist, ask if they provide any online services and resources that can complement therapy.
  • If you are looking for a new psychiatrist, consider why you seek help. Psychiatrists specialize in specific disorders such as anxiety, bipolar, depression, or addiction.
  • Your family doctor can offer recommendations or refer you to a local psychiatrist.
  • Check if your medical insurance covers telepsychiatry through selected providers.
  • Some online psychiatry platforms require a subscription. However, it is vital to read all the fine print to know exactly what you are paying for and determine if the cost is feasible.

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