Why Do You Require a Personal Injury Lawyer after a Truck Accident?

Written By Alla Levin
July 08, 2021

Why Do You Require a Personal Injury Lawyer after a Truck Accident?

Trucking delivers the essentials and takes out the waste. Keeping such a vital service going without a hitch is in everyone’s best interests. However, the very nature of driving means trucking accidents are not uncommon.

Poor driver focus, inclement weather, and recklessness are the typical causes behind trucking accidents. California stood second-highest in 2010 in the number of truck crashes. These accidents can have terrible outcomes due to the vehicle’s massive weight and the momentum it usually carries. Passenger vehicle occupants are most affected, with fatalities not uncommon.

You need to get medical attention if you ever happen to get into one. Once that’s been taken care of and you feel capable, call a personal injury attorney. It’s best to hire a local attorney since they will be familiar with the local laws regarding trucking accident-related personal injuries. They can give you the legal support you rightfully deserve.

Claiming Compensations Correctly In California

A trucking accident is not a small matter, and California’s laws approach it similarly. Other than near-certain complete vehicle damage, all types of personal injuries with varying magnitudes will be present. Filing claims for those legally can be a nightmare. A personal injury attorney guides you through the steps involved and helps make those claims come to fruition.

To Gather Important Detailspersonal injury attorney

You should take account of your situation immediately after the accident as best as you can. Record all relevant details like time, place, number of passengers in your vehicle, type of collision, types of damages and injuries suffered, etc. These notes should be exclusive of police reports. Evidence like dashcam footage, and sensor logs, should also be included if you can get them.

Since it may not be possible, you can ask your attorney to do it for you. They’ll be useful when filing reports.

Get Personal Injury Lawyer After a Truck Accident: To Prevent Unwanted Influence

The doctors will diagnose your and fellow passengers’ health conditions and then proceed with the necessary treatment. Injuries may sometimes take prolonged physical therapy to cure. In other cases, a loss of activity in a limb or loss of limbs altogether could be the result.

The other party may intervene to settle your hospital bills right there. A medical insurance representative may try to clear the medical bills early on too. Consult an attorney before accepting anything.

Wait for the final bill and medical report detailing all injuries sustained by all who experienced the accident. Your attorney will need that to file for compensation according to California’s pain and suffering damages laws.

To File Within the Statute of Limitations Deadline

California’s statute of limitations clause mentions a deadline within which claims should get made for various personal losses. For personal injury, the deadline is two years. Your claims must get filed within that deadline if you want to get compensated.

Certain exceptions may be allowed for victims whose medical condition will only become apparent after that final date. Your lawyer will gather all the evidence in your favor, generate a report, and file the necessary claims before the end date.

Trucking keeps life going in the country, but it can also cause injury to some along the way. If that’s the case with you, your personal injury attorney can help get you some respite by making the appropriate claim at the right moment.

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