A Dog Owner’s Secrets For Raising A Happy Pet

Written By Alla Levin
July 08, 2021

A Dog Owner’s Secrets For Raising A Happy Pet

Bringing home a pet is an additional responsibility and commitment. It can be taxing, from maintaining the dog’s schedule to taking care of regular vet visits and everything in between. But the effort is worthwhile because your canine companion is like a therapist.

Raising a happy dog should be your top priority because it can make your life better. Its company often brings relaxation and peace, so it deserves all the care you can give. Fortunately, you need not do much to become the best dog owner. Here are some secrets from seasoned pet parents you can use for raising a happy and healthy dog.

Start early

Your journey as a successful pet parent starts the day you bring your puppy home. Ensure that the animal feels comfortable and safe in your space. The early interactions with the owner can affect canine temperament, even though its breed decides a lot. If you have kids at home, teach them a few lessons about giving the animal some space. Make the early transition easy, and the dog will love your home like its own.

Keep it well fedRaising A Happy Pet

A well-fed dog tends to be active and full of energy. But you must follow some feeding rules even while making sure that the animal gets enough. Stick to a nutrition diet right for it and follow a regular mealtime schedule. Feeding off your plate may make you and the pet happy, but it is the last thing you should do. You wouldn’t want the animal to end up with an allergy. It may also cause obesity, which isn’t good for canine health.

Manage anxiety

Dogs are susceptible to anxiety, and the smallest things can trigger a panic attack. It tends to be lethargic due to separation, and noise, thunder, and firecrackers can cause full-blown attacks. Keeping anxiety at bay is vital if you want to raise a happy pet. You can try cbd oil for dogs because it keeps them calm naturally. Spending quality time with the pet reassures it and makes it feel safe and relaxed.

Raising a happy pet: pamper your pet

Experienced pet owners reiterate the benefits of pampering your canine companion. Play its favorite music and indulge in games it loves. Spoil it with toys and treats once in a while. Please give it a grooming session at home every weekend. You can even take it to a day spa for bathing and grooming. The session is worth spending on as you have a happy and good-looking dog at the end of the day.

Take it outdoorsraising a happy pet

Outdoor time makes dogs happy because they love nature. Think beyond toilet trips when taking them out for walks. Make it a bonding time with your pet as you talk and play together. Follow the dog’s behavior to take a cue about its favorite spots. Taking the animal for a drive is a good idea because it makes them comfortable in the car. You can easily plan vacations with your pet once it gets used to long drives.

Raising a happy dog is easy if you are committed to the idea of pet parenting rather than just owning a dog. Care for your pet and do everything that makes it happy because it deserves all you can give.

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