7 Tips for Starting a Career in Content Marketing

Written By Alla Levin
July 19, 2021
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7 Tips for Starting a Career in Content Marketing

If you’ve always had a passion for writing and are looking for new ways to develop your skills and progress, you could consider a career in content creation. Content marketing is a growing industry because it’s an effective way for businesses to promote their brand.

Examples include creating material for their website, social media, advertising copy, and more. You can also work in a wide range of industries as all businesses rely on online content. If this sounds appealing to you, here are a few tips for starting a career in content marketing.

Study a course

It’s worth studying a content marketing course online to help boost your resume. There are several places to find entry level marketing jobs online, so you can do your research to find out the kinds of qualifications they require. This will also help you narrow your search and find the specific area you’d prefer to work in. You can then choose a course that aligns with this.

Learn about keyword research

One area that is important for content writing is keyword research, so if you are going to study something, you could look into getting some practice with the best keyword research tools. You can then reference these confidently in your job applications and interviews. You could even give an example of how you optimized your use of keywords in one of your articles. It may also be useful to get more clued up on other aspects of SEO, such as web design and the latest Google algorithms.

Market your own personal brandcareer in content marketing

If you’re looking for a career in marketing, then it’s essential to showcase your skills by promoting your own personal brand online. Your personal brand is essentially how you want to appear as an individual to the public, potential clients, and employers. LinkedIn is an example of a useful platform for personal branding, but also other social media. Start by creating a content marketing strategy for your personal brand and designing an amazing website.

Be active on social media

It’s essential to be active on social media as this will allow you to network, showcase your writing and marketing skills, and join various communities. You can also post links to your personal website relating to blog articles, podcasts, videos, or any other interesting content you create. This will also help you to boost your online presence and your website’s SEO. You can also use your experience with social media to your advantage when applying for jobs.

Start a blog

Another way is to boost your personal brand through blogging. This is essential for content writers as it’s a great way to show that you’re familiar with the type of content you might have to create one day. You could even create a content marketing blog. The important thing is to create a topic cluster using the main topic and write relevant content. This can then be varied, such as educational articles, how-to guides, industry news, etc. Topic clusters with keyword-rich content will boost your SEO, and you can use this as experience.

Improve your writing skillsImprove your writing skills

If you’re focusing on creating written content, you need to improve your writing skills. There are several ways to do this. One is simply by reading and researching the type of content you want to produce online. If you like, you could also consider doing a writing course to help brush up your skills. You can add this to your resume. This way, you’ll have more qualifications to back you up.

Practice, practice, practice

As with most activities, the best way to hone your skills is to get plenty of practice. If you are starting as a content writer, you could look for volunteer jobs and pay. This will be valuable either way for the experience. You could write to local publications or join online writing communities. Another good way to get a writing experience is by guest posting. If you have already started building an online presence for yourself, you can network with other bloggers or share posts on social media. You can also invite guests to post on your blog or website. 

There are several ways to build up a profile as a content creator, even without any professional experience. This will help you to boost your personal brand and showcase your talents. The more experience you get, the more you will appeal to potential clients and employers.

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