Tips on Starting a Business with Philadelphia Photo Booth Rentals

Written By Alla Levin
July 23, 2021

Tips on Starting a Business with Philadelphia Photo Booth Rentals

Starting a picture booth business is becoming highly popular since it generates significant revenues with low overhead costs. Because the demand for photo booths is increasing, so is the need for providers. A photo booth business allows you to provide your customers with a fun and memorable experience. Clients will hire you to photograph their special occasions like weddings or business parties. 

Guests can utilize your photo booth to get their images captured while wearing ridiculous hats and props like signs or giant glasses. Finally, customers will receive a photo strip which will typically include your client’s name or logo. 

You could also include a social media sharing station where attendees may send pictures to themselves and browse an online gallery of all the photos, GIFs, and boomerangs. The following examines some tips to help you start a business with Philadelphia photo booth rentals. Continue reading to learn more! Before buying or renting a picture booth, you need to:

Create a Business Plan

A clear and concise plan is essential for your new business to succeed. Your business plan will serve as a guide for you as a young entrepreneur and protect you against the obstacles associated with establishing a new business venture.

Many small businesses collapse within the first two years, and the few that thrive do so partly by chance and create a consistent, well-thought-out plan for making money and being profitable. If your business is centered on Philadelphia photo booth rentals, you need to do some research and create a feasible plan to avoid future regrets when you’ve started the venture.

Find Out the Cost of Setting Up the BusinessSetting Up the Business

Fortunately, a picture booth business has few costs, a low barrier to entry, and can be launched relatively cheaply. There are no significant franchise fees to pay, and the equipment needed to run a photo booth is becoming less expensive every year. However, the low entry cost implies that there will be lots of competition. So, you’ll have to figure out how you’ll differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Offering a cheap photo booth rental Philadelphia service might help you stand out from other photographers. The main costs of opening your photo booth rental business are the image booth purchase, website creation expense, advertising costs, and employee recruitment costs.

Find Out the Ongoing Costs of Running a Photo Booth Business

The software you use for your Philadelphia photo booth rentals determines the ongoing costs required to run the business. Suppose you use a professional app like Snappic. You can expect to pay for it per event, monthly, or yearly, depending on your required options.

Some software applications charge a one-time price but lack features, whereas the best photo booth apps for iPad all charge a monthly or yearly subscription fee to guarantee that you get the best features and service. When selecting the software for your business, determine whether the license is a one-time cost or if there will be an ongoing monthly fee or annual renewal cost.

Other inadvertent monthly costs will vary depending on whether you rent an office area or store your equipment and work from home, which may give you some excellent tax advantages at the end of the year.

The media cost is another significant ongoing expense. Paper and ink are referred to as photo booth media. Modern dye sublimation picture printers, unlike inkjet printers, don’t use traditional ink or toner. Instead, they use an “Ink ribbon” and heat for transferring color to glossy photo paper. The printer you use determines your media cost. If you buy a high-quality photo printer, like a Mitsubishi CP-D70DW or a DNP 620a, you can expect media to cost around $50 per roll. 

One roll yields 400 prints for these two printers, bringing your cost per print to around $0.12-0.15. If you want to purchase a vintage photo booth, ensure that you find out the type of printer that can go with it.

Determine Your Target MarketRunning a Photo Booth Business

There are numerous potential customers for picture booths. Some photography companies cater to private parties and social functions like weddings, corporate parties, school occasions, holiday festivities, birthday celebrations, etc. Some image booth rental agencies thrive on large-scale company events, product marketing activations, and creating one-of-a-kind photo experiences.

Then, there’s the market for unattended booth leases found in shopping malls, boardwalks, amusement parks, and arcades. People pay per print in these image kiosks because they have money collectors in them.

However, the private party rental sector is by far a vital market segment for your photo booth rental business. You can consider providing photo booth rental for wedding and bridal shows or local party rental companies and creating a list of businesses interested in regular yearly holiday parties.

Determine How Much You Will Charge Your Customers

Market research is required to determine how much you will charge your customers. What types of customers do you want? What type of picture booth experience do you offer? Are you offering a commodity-like basic rental package, or are you offering a one-of-a-kind, personalized experience? 

These are all questions you need to answer before fixing a rental price on your booth. A key to charging more for your services is to assemble and bundle your goods in a way that the real and perceived value you provide exceeds the amount you charge.

The goal is to develop your sales method and recognize your clients’ wants and desires in addition to their pain spots and frustrations. Then, you need to create an experience for users that they can’t make for themselves.

To summarize, if you are merely purchasing or renting a photo booth where a photograph is taken and a print is delivered to the guest for a fixed number of hours, the perceived value will be lesser, and the amount you may charge will be lower.

However, suppose you explain to your customers how you’ll give each guest the sensation of being a rock star on the red carpet, with their photo taken by paparazzi and a memento glamour shot copy to take home as a souvenir. In that case, you’ll have a better chance at closing a deal at a reasonable price. When you’re sure that you understand the business, you can consider checking out Studio Z Photo booth rentals in Philadelphia.

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