Several Types of Advertising Agencies

Written By Alla Levin
July 26, 2021
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Several Types of Advertising Agencies

Advertising is the act of creating attraction and/ or attention for a product or service or even a business by the form of announcement in the broadcast, print, or electronic media for an agreed fee between the client who wants their products or services to be advertised to the public by an advertising company.

Advertising agencies are businesses set up primarily to handle or deal with the advertising of products and services. Advertising agencies are responsible for creating, planning, and handling of advertising needs and wants of a business or a client. Some of the responsibilities of advertising agencies include:

  • Negotiations handling
  • Campaign creation for a product
  • Creative direction
  • Content creation and direction for a product

There are several types of advertising agencies in existence today. Some of them are as follows:

Full-Service Advertising Agencies

Full-service advertising agencies are companies that deal with all forms of advertising. Full-service advertising agencies offer a client a wide range of services regarding advertising of the client’s products. These services work to address traditional marketing and digital marketing for a client and work to create and/ or improve on a company’s advertising and all aspects involved.

These types of advertising agencies have professional experts in each of the following services:

  • Campaign management;
  • Social media management;
  • Television advertisement management;
  • Radio commercials;
  • Content creation;
  • Print advertising;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Search engine optimization.

If you are a business owner and are looking for advertisements on all platforms available today, you are highly recommended to seek the services of full-service advertising agencies. They will help you from the planning phase to the execution of your advertisements.

Digital Advertising Agencytypes of advertising agencies

If you are a business owner and do not want to use print media for advertising your business, digital advertising is the best way to go for you and your business.

Digital advertising agencies, even though they are efficient in print media, solely focus on the digital side of things. These agencies are experts when it comes to everything concerning advertising on-screen. Some of the digital advertising services they offer are:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Content marketing
  • Web design
  • Email marketing

Digital marketing agencies primarily focus on everything digital marketing.

Digital marketing agencies are best for a business seeking a specific target audience or market. This is achievable because digital marketing agencies possess digital targeting techniques to help their clients reach the exact target audience. One such technique is called geotargeting.

Traditional advertising Agency

As the name refers, traditional advertising agencies primarily deal with traditional advertising methods and are less focused on modern or digital advertising. Some examples of traditional methods of advertising are:

  • Newspaper
  • Billboards
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Magazines

Traditional advertising agencies are best to use if you are looking or want to advertise locally to increase foot traffic.

Social Media Advertising AgencySocial Media Advertising Agency

The point of focus of social media advertising agencies is social media. These agencies are filled with content creators and ad optimizers to ensure maximum exposure for your product. Social media advertising agencies also help you create and design your online profile for all platforms and even write blogs for your products.

These agencies work to make your content more appealing and attractive to your audience. If you aim to accomplish one big goal, social media advertising is the way to go for you, your company, or your product.

Creative Boutique

Creative boutiques are agencies that deal with creative design services. They are hired by a company that may prefer to do the advertising themselves in-house and monitor the progress and success of their advertising but lack the creative talent in-house. This type of agency is best for a company that knows exactly its target market and how to implement the assets into its advertising appropriately.


In today’s environment and digital age, advertising using a full-service advertising agency or a digital advertising agency might make sense, considering almost all services are offered online. But if you are looking to stand out and know who your target audience is, you might try the traditional advertising method. It all depends on you, your strategy, and your target audience.

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