Find Out What You Can Do If Your Child Is Suspended From School

Written By Alla Levin
September 18, 2023

Find Out What You Can Do If Your Child Is Suspended From School

Suspension is a sort of disciplinary action taken by schools in which a student is temporarily removed from his or her academic program. There is a chance you will spend some time in a monitored suspension classroom away from other pupils if you are banned from school property or a classroom and must seek help from Lento Law Firm.

When and why a public school in California can suspend a pupil

In California, a student cannot be expelled from a public school for any reason. Schools can suspend pupils only for infractions specified in the California Education Code. A student cannot be expelled for minor infractions such as tardiness or absences. In addition, no kid in grades K–3 can be discharged or given an in-school suspension for deliberate disobedience.

Furthermore, a school can only suspend a kid for actions related to school or school attendance. Behave appropriately at all times when attending school, participating in school-sponsored events, and traveling to and from these locations.

When can a student be suspended from a public school?If Your Child Is Suspended From School

If this is the student’s first infraction, the school must first exhaust all other forms of discipline unless the kid has committed a particularly significant or violent offense. Parent-teacher conferences, extracurricular activities, community service, referral for a full psychoeducational evaluation, and involvement in a restorative justice program are all options. The usage of interventions in schools should also be recorded. A student has committed a major or violent act if they have used physical force or a weapon, sold drugs, committed robbery or extortion, or put others in danger. California Education Code Section 48900.

When a student is suspended, what rights does he or she have?

In California public schools, students who face suspension have the right to a pre-suspension meeting. The school is required to inform the student about the allegations and evidence supporting the suspension during the pre-suspension meeting.

The institution has a duty to provide the student with a forum in which to provide a defense. If the suspension is not the consequence of a major or violent offense, the school is required to explain the different forms of discipline that were explored before suspension during this meeting.

After a suspension decision has been made, what options does the student have?

When a public school makes a final decision to suspend a student, it is required by law to notify the student’s parents or legal guardians in writing. In addition, a student may be suspended for no more than five days at a time and no more than twenty days in one school year, though suspensions may be extended if expulsion is being considered. It is possible that a student can appeal the school’s final judgment.

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